Running from unleashed spies and trapped by the electromagnetic manipulation

3-1 [The next round]: I left Japan to Hong Kong to avoid a further casualty

3-2 [Resumed torture]: Torture became harsher again when back in Hong Kong

3-3 [Spy is a lion]: Spy believes they can abuse ordinary people as we are sheep

3-4 [Spy invitation]: I declined it but started to think why so many spies around me

3-5 [Who are spies?]: I recognized many of them, some of those are my old friends

3-6 [Spy joint operation]: Their joint operation cannot be controlled by any governments

3-7 [Hidden electromagnetic wave]: It was definitely one of the methodologies for communication in those days

3-8 [Set-up meetings]: All the meeting was manipulated by the CIA

3-9 [Looking for way out]: I believed I could be freed if completing all of their setups

3-10 [Deadline completed]: I thought to have been through their operation

3-11 [Decided to leave Hong Kong again]: I should be killed if decided to stay longer

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3-12 [Still beeping in Indonesia]: Spy operation was continued even after going to Indonesia

3-13 [Direct operation of field agents]: Hard to hire English speakers for their ops in smaller islands

3-14 [Effective hunger strike]: I could not find a way to halt my torture

3-15 [Gaslighting in Indonesia]: They organized a sizable orchestration with cheaper cost

3-16 [Spy Operation at diving]: Undercover agent was there not disguising their true identity

3-17 [Losing air under the water]: My gear was set up to consume more air than normal

3-18 [Leaving Indonesia]: Decided to go back to Japan as there was no closure of the spy operation

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3-19 [Real figure of the spy]: I have had many opportunities to observe them as they run their operation opaquely

3-20 [Spy’s preparation]: Any intelligence agencies run their operation preemptively, not spontaneously

3-21 [Spy’s discipline]: Spy is basically cautious not to be revealed, even halting an operation if necessary

3-22 [Spy’s basic 1]: Information gathering is not that clean as it sounds

3-23 [Spy’s basic 2]: Antipersonnel operation is a key to every intelligence job

3-24 [Spy’s basic 3]: Antisociety operation is sometimes escalated to sabotage their own country

3-25 [Spy’s basic 4]: Information manipulation has really an influence on the society

3-26 [Spy’s basic 5]: Spy inevitably determines their own agenda improperly in the end

3-27 [Antipersonnel ops 1]: Antipersonnel operation is the first step of information gathering

3-28 [Antipersonnel ops 2]: Intelligence target is expanded to the economic intel and personnel

3-29 [Antipersonnel ops 3]: Spy oppresses a target as an emergency measure

3-30 [Antipersonnel ops 4]: Electromagnetic wave secretively enhances a capability of the spy

3-31 [Antisociety ops 1]: Antisociety is an extension of antipersonnel, as the society is founded by the people

3-32 [Antisociety ops 2]: Antisociety ops can be achieved through a control over important figures

3-33 [Antisociety ops 3]: Electromagnetic wave expands a depth of the antisociety plot

3-34 [Antisociety ops 4]: The mass can be manipulated directly by the spy

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3-35 [Spy operation detail]: Majority of spy non-fiction is manipulative to favor the spy

3-36 [Antipersonnel ops]: It is not so clean as the word “HUMINT” sounds

3-37 [Framing]: You are instigated to commit a crime and offered an immunity later on if working as an asset

3-38 [Escalation]: Sting operation basically starts from a legal conduct escalated into an illegal

3-39 [Good cop and bad cop]: Goody and Baddy is just a system to crack you down

3-40 [Spy’s gaslighting]: Gaslighting is designed to shake your mental for the specific goal

3-41 [Spy deploys children for their ops]: Spy can avail whatever they want to achieve their operational goal

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3-42 [Emotion control]: Emotion can be maneuvered to manipulate your decision

3-43 [Thought manipulation]: It is so called a manipulation that the spy often employs

3-44 [Monitor and wiretap]: Those are old schools of the spy methodologies, but still availed

3-45 [Brain reading]: It is the most advanced technology which makes an assetization unnecessary

3-46 [Memory control]: Your memory is easily manipulated more than you assume

3-47 [Twilight learning]: Methodology to create a nonexperienced long-term memory

3-48 [Torture and sleep deprivation]: Torture can be conducted without confinement; a sleep deprivation is one of them

3-49 [Torture causes a mental issue]: Spy leverages your weakness for their operational sake

3-50[Torturing electromagnetic wave]: The wave is capable of torturing a target

3-51 [Secret drugging]: You might be drugged without notice, mixed up with what you take

crime scene do not cross signage

3-52 [Faked charge]: False confession is compelled to create a false crime

3-53 [Phrasing]: If you cannot be cracked, the spy can spread a negative image

3-54 [Discredit]: Several ways to discredit you by an electromagnetic wave

3-55 [Job control]: Spy can control your job opportunity to drive you working as an asset

3-56 [Disease caused by the electromagnetic wave]: Radiowave can cause fatal diseases as well

3-57 [Psychiatric disorder]: Electromagnetic wave can cause a symptom like a mental disease

3-58 [Crime instigation]: This mission becomes easier when employing the electromagnetic wave

3-59 [Traffic accident]: Your accident can be framed by the spy

3-60 [Unethical conduct]: It is easier to manipulate you to conduct unethical than illegal

3-61 [Drive to a suicide]: You can be manipulated to commit a suicide by the electromagnetic wave

3-62 [Disguised suicide]: Spy is a professional to disguise a crime scene

3-63 [Drive to death from a disease]: Electromagnetic wave can create several fatal symptoms

3-64 [Drive to a death]: Electromagnetic wave can trigger a traffic accident

3-65 [Sudden death]: Electromagnetic wave can kill a target on the spot

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3-66 [Antisociety operation]: Antisociety operation is another core of the intelligence agency

3-67 [Direct information gathering]: Several ways to gather an intel not to hire an intelligence asset

3-68 [Hacking is an alternative to the trespassing]: Spy always catches up with the technological advancement

3-69[Open source information]: It is a legal way to gather information, but requires an analytical skillset

3-70 [Internet manipulation]: Spy can manipulate the internet as an inverse of the information gathering

3-71 [Media control]: There are several ways to control the information available to the public

3-72 [External control over your PC]: You can be digitally controlled to see a manipulative information

3-73 [Insightful visual information]: Picture tells a detail as well as the verbal delivery

3-74 [Assault drone]: Drone strike is an inverse information flow from the information gathering

3-75 [Political plot]: Spy has instigated many political uprising around the world

3-76 [Mass murder]: Massacre creates a necessity of the intelligence presence, which is why the spy creates it

3-77 [Spy’s self-determination]: It is a fundamental issue of the intelligence community trying independent from any governments

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3-83 [Ops at Amami island]: I flew from Indonesian to Japanese islands

3-84 [Noise as usual]: Noise became apparently created by the police operation

3-85 [Spy mission is difficult at a remote island]: Hard to find a collaborator in the island

3-86 [Intelligence ops limited in the island]: Even the police was hard to find a collaborator in the smaller islands

3-87 [Availing children for their ops]: Quite effective to let a subject down, but hurting a future being of those children

3-88 [Ops in the islands]: Many types of officers were involved in the operation

3-90 [CIA asset in a small island]: CIA had a capability to send their asset for a year as an undercover even in a small island

3-91 [Remote interrogation]: Ranking officer was compelled to conduct an operation

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3-92 [Predated spy operation]: I realized to be monitored before the sting ops conducted, indicating I have been their target

3-93 [Chinese spy]: They came to Okinawa on the same flight to monitor me

3-94 [Yakuza’s show-up]: Yakuza sat next to me, which could create a fake intel that I was related

3-95 [CIA mobilizes US citizens]: Ordinary people are easily mobilized for the spy operation with a false alert

3-96 [Ops in Yanaguni island]: There were limited number of tourists including operatives

3-97 [Undercover police officer]: Police intelligence sent one of their men to monitor me

3-98 [Public Security Investigation Agency]: Another Japanese intelligence vehicle sent their agents

3-99 [European spy]: MI6 or French intelligence sent their agent to monitor me

3-100 [American spy]: Probably, CIA agent, but just introduced as US military contractor

3-101 [Other watchers]: Many unknown subjects probably had monitored me

3-102 [Left extremist]: Marxist spy was there to provoke me intentionally as a mission

3-103 [Uncovered intelligence operation]: They could not hide a trace in the small island

3-104 [Setup for the sting operation]: Those watchers in Yonaguni proved that the Japanese police ran an illegal sting operation later on

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3-105 [Okinawa islands]: Back to the intelligence mission against me in early 2013

3-106 [Quiet but noisy]: Spy had a difficulty in conducting an operation without enough cooperation

3-107 [Framing before operation]: Police and spy needed to frame me for winning a trust of the local people

3-108 [Police failed to win a trust]: Local people were reluctant to support an illegal operation

3-109 [A midnight noise]: Many noises were created during the midnight

3-110 [Large-scale gaslighting]: Spy and police have orchestrated a large-scale intimidation since then

3-111 [Endless operation]: Spy controlled an expectation to create a despair later on

3-112 [Suicidal emotion capitalized]: Spies suffered from the mental problem due to my counter plot

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3-113 [Miyako island]: Police and spy had a difficulty to find their collaborators

3-114 [Private Investigators]: PIs were sent from outside of the island for a ground operation

3-115 [Private investigators]: They were eventually kicked out of the island

3-116 [Foreign agents]: Foreign Spy got in charge of the operation replacing PI

3-117 [Irregular emotion]: My emotion became hard to be contained, due to the electromagnetic wave though unnoticed still

3-118 [Yaeyama islands]: I moved to the new islands, but still surrounded by the spy

3-119 [A midnight fuss]: PIs shouted on the street all night long, eventually alienating the local people

3-120 [Japanese police chief was fired]: He was dismissed, following the CIA director

3-121 [Deep police corruption]: Police chief dismissal did not prevent an operation

3-122 [Hatoma island]: Stayed there unexpectedly as their operational trap

3-123 [Hateruma island]: Spy operation was too preemptive impossibly

3-124 [Fight with a crow]: Crow tried to attack me, later on realizing it was a result of the radiowave

3-125 [Weird suicide]: An old man jumped from the quay with car, instantly recognized as the spy job

3-126 [Weird feeling]: I forcibly woke myself up to experience a kinky sexual dream

3-127 [Guam mass murder]: It triggered to consider a technology to deliver the voice directly to the brain

3-128 [Moving to new place]: Spy had difficulty to run a covert operation in the remote islands

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3-129 [Operation in Hokkaido]: Spy and police continued a mission after moving thousands of miles

3-130 [Police intimidation]: Police started to conduct a gaslighting even with the uniform

3-131 [Whiteout killed some]: Furious blizzard killed some, but I doubted some of them were mobilized by the police for the operation

3-132 [Perpetrator in turn]: The main role was circulated but it was always a joint operation led by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence

3-133 [Snow splashed in the air]: My front glass was filled with the splashed snow to deprive my eyesight

3-134 [Traffic accident trap]: One of the dangerous traps in those days

3-135 [Traffic accident trap 2]: Truck jumped into the road whose driver waited for a timing when I came to the point

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3-136 [Aggravated delusion]: It was actually a result of the electromagnetic wave operation

3-137 [Brain reading]: My thought was weirdly represented often in front of me

3-138 [Irregular emotion]: My emotion became totally uncontainable but still avoiding a followed action

3-139 [Invisible voice]: I originally thought it was delivered by the speaker though sounded weird

3-140 [Direct voice to the brain]: I realized there is a technology to deliver the voice directly to the brain, but not sure what it was at that time

3-141 [A truth drug]: Spy drugged me with a truth drug to interrogate through the electromagnetic wave

3-142 [Noticed to be drugged]: It was the first time for the spy to dose a hallucinogen against me

3-143 [My body moved out of control]: I immediately realized it was a spy operation as I heard it before, though no idea how

3-144 [Electromagnetic wave]: I finally realized that my brainwave was synchronized to the operatives

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3-145 [Delusive struggle]: I was manipulated to make a fight outside the room but they failed

3-146 [Legal code]: Operatives could not crack my legal mind as it was not a matter of emotion

3-147 [Threat by the government]: They compelled me to accept their absolute authority

3-148 [Electromagnetic wave and drug]: They continued the crazy operation to blackmail me

3-149 [Emotion control while driving]: Spy enhanced my aggression by the wave to cause a reckless drive

3-150 [Physical control while driving]: Spy controlled my body to cause a traffic accident

3-151 [Mutual interrogation]: My brain has been connected to the operative’s, meaning they could not necessarily take a lead

3-152 [Spies confessed their crimes]: They admitted illegal operations including assassinations, though hard to prove

3-153 [Visual hallucination]: Spy doped me more due to taking back their lead

3-154 [The operation loosened up]: Spy retreated a little after a month long electromagnetic operation

3-155 [The operation conducted anywhere]: I started to move around, but the operation was expanded as well

3-156 [The operation shifted]: They brought new operatives to the electromagnetic operation

3-157 [Reinforced electromagnetic wave]: I started to lose my control over the conversation through the radiowave

3-158 [Lost the way]: I got lost as a result of the electromagnetic manipulation

3-159 [30-hour drive]: I was drugged a hallucinogen to become tireless

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3-160 [Pass out]: I nearly passed out during the drive

3-161 [Overdose]: I was nearly killed by the drug covertly administered by the spy

3-162 [Travel actively again]: I recovered from the worst, though the electromagnetic operation continued

3-163 [Unrecognizable voice]: Two types of the voices delivered directly to the brain, recognizable and unrecognizable

3-164 [Profound manipulation]: Spy started to mix up many lies to confuse the truth they confessed beforehand

3-165 [Information gathering under hallucination]: Spy drugged to obscure my consciousness to gather a critical information about the terrorist attack

3-166 [Gold and heartache]: Spy controlled my body during the practice, which created a cause of the pain

3-167 [Remote control over a horse]: Radiowave is capable of maneuvering a creature from the distance

3-168 [Realization of the past operation]: Spy had conducted many electromagnetic operations against me for decades

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3-169 [Concurrent physical operation]: It proves that there is an electromagnetic wave operation

3-170 [Police corruption was a trigger]: The whole orchestration was only executable when the ranking officers were involved

3-171 [Shadow of the left extremist]: I finally realized the operation was partially motivated by the leftist ideal

3-172 [Police and left extremists]: They were not necessarily enemies for each other

3-173 [Real conspiracy]: There was a conspiracy to take over the Japanese government

3-174 [No place to hide]: I am a witness of the organizational intelligence misconducts, therefore targeted anywhere

3-175 [Moving to new place]: I decided to settle down, as there was no expectation to be completed soon

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3-176 [The last Hong Kong]: I was back to Hong Kong to pack all my belongings sent to Japan

3-177 [Torture in Chinese way]: Torture was slightly changed what they conducted in Hokkaido

3-178 [A small stroke]: Stroke was caused again by the electromagnetic wave

3-179 [Sudden moving]: I was lost so much to realize the last day came earlier than counted

3-180 [Terrorist issue]: Terrorist had been unleashed for fifteen years, even though his whereabout was known

3-181 [Moving into the trap]: I moved to the city where the Japanese police intelligence prepared to eliminate me

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3-182 [First day on the new town]: I was totally lost by the electromagnetic wave operation

3-183 [Lost the way]: I spent several hours to go back home within a ten-minute range

3-184 [Monitors]: I was surrounded by new monitors

3-185 [Living in a gaslighitng]: They tried hard to make me fight back for the arrest as a battery

3-186 [Sleeping disorder]: My sleep was deprived by the noise and electromagnetic wave operation

3-187 [Aggravated electromagnetic operation]: I became an easier target after settled down to the single place

3-188 [Self-harm]: It was one of the main options to contain my aggression from the society in those days

3-189 [Nothing to do]: Radiowave caused a headache which prevented me from doing anything

3-190 [Traffic accident trap reduced]: I stopped driving and started biking, which reduced an opportunity for the operation, but

3-191 [Bicycle demolished]: Each sabotage was minor but irritating enough

3-192 [Bicycle demolished2]: There are several special methodologies sneakily to demolish a bike

3-193 [Lowering concentration]: I had missed signals at the crossroad often under the electromagnetic operation

3-194 [Stalking of private investigators]: They were deployed to this region by the police intelligence

3-195 [Street gangs deployed]: CIA and Japanese police intelligence sent those gangs for their operation

crime scene do not cross signage

3-196 [Police stalking]: Their deeds were escalated to an intimidation from monitor

3-197 [Police avoided a confrontation]: They even used an electromagnetic wave to shut my mouth

3-198 [Local chief in command]: This police chief had known the electromagnetic wave operation for a long time

3-199 [Identity of the local chief]: He used to be a handler of assets at the police intelligence

3-200 [Brainwash to assault the police]: Spy brainwashed me to assault the local police headquarter, failed though

3-201 [Brainwash for the detail]: It is one of the clues of the electromagnetic brainwash that the detail was too preemptive

3-202 [Shouting at the police HQ]: Shouting more than ten minutes at the entrance, but nobody showed up, meant something

3-203 [Organizational crime of the police]: Japanese police organizationally conducted an eliminative operation against me

3-204 [How to brainwash by the radiowave]: You are manipulated to believe the assault is right thing to do

3-205 [More than emotional control by the radiowave]: Necessary to manipulate more for attacking the exact target

3-206 [Radiowave operation to create lone wolf]: some of lone terrorists were created by the spy manipulation

3-207 [Legal restriction against the electromagnetic wave]: We should restrict this technology to save our lives

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3-208 [Life under delusion by the radiowave]: The most dangerous brainwash scheme in this world

3-209 [Classification of the electromagnetic wave manipulation]: Better to know functionalities of the wave

3-210 [Creating a suicidal emotion]: It requires multiple steps of the electromagnetic operation

3-211 [Manipulated assault]: Aggressive emotion can be controlled by the radiowave, though requiring more to lead the targetted outcome

3-212 [Headache to fall down]: Several types of headaches caused by the electromagnetic wave operation

3-213 [Cardiac pain to fall down]: Another lethal electromagnetic operation to cause many deaths

3-214 [Visceral pain to fall down]: The pain is a result of ultra-long-wave irradiation, but might cause a permanent problem

3-215 [Manipulation over thought and behavior]: Several methodologies for the manipulation by the radiowave

3-216 [Adjusting the rhythm of life]: The basic to counter the electromagnetic wave operation

3-217 [Cool down a head]: Your brain works functionally with cooling down even under the electromagnetic wave irradiation

3-218 [To contain an aggression]: You can avoid a manipulative assault when controlling an aggressive emotion

3-219 [Introduction of music]: Sleep-inducing music is quite helpful to counter the depriving operation

3-220 [Understating of the law]: The commentary is enough to save you from the intelligence trap

3-221 [Keep calm]: Spy always tries hard to instigate you to conduct a forbidden behavior

3-222 [The life under the intelligence operation]: I have no control over my death but able to control my life

3-223 [All the government should stand up]: It is the only way to solve this fundamental corruption