3-200 [Brainwash to assault the police]: Spy brainwashed me to assault the local police headquarter, failed though

There was a special brainwash that I seriously considered an assault against the local police station after moving to this place.


Just in case, I do not think in that way now and find a way to resist to this type of the brainwash, but I am pretty much sure that this thought was created by the electromagnetic wave manipulation, as I stopped thinking it after one incident happened.


I have fully realized that there was a problem to mention this brainwash as it basically meant that I had been entrapped by the dangerous thought for several months. It was a result of the radiowave manipulation, but some of you might still doubt its functionality, as its methodology was not made public yet.


Generally speaking, this kind of dangerous paranoia was likely executed, irrelevant to whether this was created by the delusion or brainwash. One of the main reason I could get out of the manipulation was that I found out a countermeasure to this operation, so that I was one of the most resilient individuals to this type of the manipulation, now.


Adding to this, I have never been the only subject to be manipulated in this way. There were more people brainwashed covertly through the electromagnetic wave, eventually to kill many people. There were minor manipulations as well, but in any way, all of us should realize this technology is quite dangerous to our lives.


In my case, this dangerous brainwash was conducted by the police department and that was why they would never admit their wrongdoing as it is nearly impossible to prove from the outside.


My brainwash started from a revenge against the police. My philosophy has been established from the study and practice for tens of thousands hours that they could not crack this down. Therefore, they targeted my emotion, especially a discontent that I had been tortured for years.


They said many times that the operation should halt sooner rather than later, though it was eventually betrayed, which had aggravated my mental. The suicide was one of the ways to halt this vicious cycle, but they made me think that the assault was also another. If I was not shot dead at the spot, I could have proceeded to the trial where I could clarify a capability of the electromagnetic wave after the assault.


I still think how to make this publicly admitted by the government, but I was brainwashed in those days which made me think it was achievable through the attack against the local police station.


This way of thinking was quite similar to the thought I had in Hong Kong that if I was killed by the Chinese spy out there without any concrete reason, it would have created an international problem. Therefore, I made them believe that I placed a knife in my bag from their angle of the monitor in my room, though I actually left it on the table. They were actually upset to form a police cordon at that time.


This incident was quite similar, implying that both of them were brainwashed by the spy organizations.


My new brainwash was escalated to a specific target, the local police headquarter. I hated the left extremist and their way of the covert terrorism that I should confront the police directly if necessary, which was a part of the manipulation.


As a matter of fact, there should be another way to confront this problem but assaulting the police station, though I was so brainwashed just to consider how to attack them. I did not behave as manipulated eventually, but my aggression was so controlled that they drove me to the verge of the dangerous action.


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