I used to work at the Wall Street Firm as an analyst/fund manager/prop trader, though I was on the short list of the CIA before that time. I mean it in either way to hire as an asset or to eliminate as an enemy. I might have been categorized as an evil, but we have missed the real one for a long time.

The spies believe they have an absolute power to decide a life or death of the ordinary people. Their belief is expanded with their covert weapon: the electromagnetic wave manipulation. There are lots of problems that we have not realized yet in this world and the external brain manipulation is one of them.

I have been a subject of this electromagnetic operation for nearly 30 years, but I got to know its existence 5 years ago. Then now, more and more people come to realize its danger and start to raise a voice against the evil, even with risking themselves.

It comes more likely that the spies cannot stop their sins by themselves, meaning we should fight back with these rogue establishments. If not, it is just ended up with joining the evil club or exterminated. Each of our voices may be too small, but it should become the big wave eventually to take back our freedom.

Kenji Miyamoto




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