The brainwave manipulation has been developed by the CIA and fellows endangering your life

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1 Conspiracy or what?

2 Conspiracy case in Japan

3 Japanese intelligence out of mind

4 Uncontainable intelligence activities in Japan

5 Japanese intelligence radicalized with the left extremist

6 Mutual dependency, the intelligence and its enemies

7 CIA asset, more than you assume

8 CIA agent, the term given to the ordinary asset

9 Self-determination of the intelligence circle

10 What is the real problem?

11 Torture of the intelligence circle

12 Methodology of gaslighting

13 [The covert issue]: brainwave control

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14-1 [Brainwave synchronization]: the brain can be controlled by the electromagnetic wave

14-2 [Brainwave synchronization]: it is a truth that the brain is affected by the specific frequency

15 [Brainwave control research history]: the CIA has definitely subsidized to manipulate your brain

16 [Visceral organs reaction to the radiowave]: the specific frequency creates a disease inside your body

17-1 [Wireless brainwave control]: the brain can be controlled wirelessly by the electromagnetic wave

17-2 [Wireless brainwave control]: how to irradiate the ultra-long wave, the key to control the brain wirelessly

17-3 [Wireless brainwave control]: the individuality is necessarily cracked for the customized effect

17-4 [Wireless brainwave control]: the synchronization is the phenomenon sparking in the brain according to the external radiowave

18 [Wireless brainwave reading]: its only function is to snoop what you think

19 [Brainwave digital analysis]: the wave can be digitally analyzed, though still many obstacles

20 [Brainwave patterning analysis]: the generic brainwave pattern might cause you the disease

21 [Brainwave reading]: your brainwave can be read by the other brain

22-1 [Brain control history]: the brain control was evolved from the wired connection

22-2 [Brain control history]: your thought can be manipulated by the ultra-long wave irradiation

23-1 [Brain reading history]: the radar can read your brain

23-2 [Brain reading history]: the most advanced brainwave technology is fully owned by the government

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24-1 [Brainwave controlling device]: several technologies are used for the brain manipulation

24-2 [Brainwave controlling device]: the radar capacitates to snoop what you think wirelessly

25 [A headache by the radiowave]: the simple but troublesome symptom caused by the electromagnetic wave

26 [Positive and negative by the radiowave]: your emotion is easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

27-1 [Fight or flight by the radiowave]: your aggression can be ignited by the electromagnetic wave

27-2 [Fight or flight by the radiowave]: the brainwave control can create the murderer

28 [Depression by the radiowave]: the depression is a complicated mind state, requiring multiple manipulations

29 [Self-harm by the radiowave]: Self-harm is one of the appearances​ when your aggression is ignited electromagnetically

30-1 [Suicidal by the radiowave]: Instantaneous suicide is an extension of the self-harm

30-2 [Suicidal by the radiowave]: you can trace back the manipulation behind the suicide ​if it is electromagnetically triggered

31 [Pain intensification by the radiowave]: You can feel small injury seriously when its pain is strengthened

32 [Shivering by the radiowave]: even manipulated shivering deters you from doing anything

33 [Fatigue by the radiowave]: you can be tired just in the brain

34 [Arousal by the radiowave]: you are sexually stimulated by the electromagnetic wave

35 [Short-term memory loss by the radiowave]: you cannot remember a moment ago

36 [Long-term memory gone with the radiowave]: the synaptic connection is lost, though the memory cell is secured

37 [Stunned by the radiowave]: Your brain might be shut down by the electromagnetic irradiation

38 [The manipulative sleepless]: The subject easily wakes up when noised at the REM sleep

39 [The pain in my heart by the radiowave]: The heart manipulation is occasionally lethal

40 [Organs damaged by the radiowave]: The visceral damage can be escalated into a permanent

41 [Electromagnetic control of the appetite]: the stomach is manipulated to eat more

42 [Ocular malfunction caused by the radiowave]: the eyes suffer from several symptoms by the electromagnetic wave

43 [Allergic symptom caused by the radiowave]: your allergic reaction is exacerbated to a serious symptom

44 [Desire to urinate escalated by the radiowave]: you are woken up to pee many times during the night

45 [Addiction manipulated by the radiowave]: even your obsession is created by the electromagnetic wave

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46 [Twilight learning]: there is a window time directly accessing to your long-term memory

47-1 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: your thought might be revised by the radiowave

47-2 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: your preference might be renewed with a long-term electromagnetic manipulation

48-1 [Criminalization by the radiowave]: the emotive manipulation might create a criminal mind

48-2 [Criminalization by the radiowave]: the rational step to create a criminal

49 [Brain damaged by the radiowave]: the electromagnetic wave might create a stroke

50-1 [Visceral damage created by the radiowave]: even the visceral disease can be created by the wave

50-2 [Visceral damage created by the radiowave]: cancer cannot be created by the wave but pancreatic

51 [Body maneuvered wirelessly by the radiowave]: you lose a command over your body

52 [Control over your speaking]: the muscle at your mouth and throat can be maneuvered by the radiowave

53 [Inner vision controlled by the radiowave]: the wave can deliver a vague image directly into your brain

54 [Reality of the electromagnetic manipulation]: my multiple symptoms indicate a damage is created externally

55 [Intelligence develops the electromagnetic technology]: spies are responsible for any crimes driven by the radiowave manipulation

56-1 [Limitation of the electromagnetic wave]: you cannot yet send a digitally written thought

56-2 [Limitation of the electromagnetic wave]: several brain functions are out of reach of the radiowave manipulation

57-1 [Cool down the head]: the cooling is a countermeasure to some of the electromagnetic manipulations

57-2 [Cool down the head]: you can contain an emotive explosion by cooling

57-3 [Cool down the head]: the cooling gives you back a sanity

58 [Warm up the head]: you can clean up the blood vessel by warming up your body

59 [No remedy for the visceral pain]: there are several symptoms, still no idea how to tackle with

60 [Electromagnetic voice is unstoppable]: the external voice is unstoppable in your brain, but you can ignore it

61 [Other countermeasures against the radiowave manipulation]: there are several methodologies to counter the invisible assault

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62 [Electromagnetic wave and Ghost]: A bird suddenly appeared and smashed a window with an invisible voice

63 [Electromagnetic wave and Ghost]: If you believe a ghost, you might follow an order from the invisible voice

64 [Electromagnetic wave and Ghost]: A white thing is a traditional image of the ghost in Japan

65 [Invisible voice]: The nightmare haunted just at the morning doze, though created by an invisible voice

66 [Invisible voice]: I realized an invisible voice was directly sent to the brain

67 [Uncontrollable body]: I lost my command over my body movement

68 [Conviction of the electromagnetic wave]: After eliminating other possibilities, the radiowave is left as the only plausible

69 [Uncontrollable body]: I retrieved my past experience losing my body maneuver

70 [Unidentified headache]: the location used to be mattered for the radiowave manipulation

71 [Irregular heartbeat]: even if your heart is strong enough, you are still a subject of angina

72 [Pancreatitis caused by the radiowave]: you can also develop a disease triggered by the electromagnetic wave

73-1 [Small strokes occurred to me]: I suffered from seizures many times triggered by the radiowave

73-2 [Small strokes occurred to me]: this operation was conducted opaquely against me

74 [Faint caused by the radiowave]: It looked like a fit but externally triggered

75-1 [Manipulated life]: it is hard to realize a manipulation unless you realized it

75-2 [Manipulated life]: Do not fight against wrong enemies as you might be still manipulated

76-1 [Invisible voice]: there are two ways of controls, phonetic and non-sound

76-2 [Invisible voice]: if you are electromagnetically manipulated, you can also find spies amongst your acquaintance

77 [Emotional control]: it is hard to avoid even if you realize an emotive manipulation

78 [Life or death]: I have passed through many critical situations created by the radiowave

79 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: The CIA and Japanese intelligence became even more aggressive after its revelation

80 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: I found a way to counter, which increases a chance of my survival

81 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: it is unconceivable why the spies need to manipulate others

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82 [Fatal disease caused by the radiowave]: The electromagnetic wave is a lethal weapon

83 [Psycho break caused by the radiowave]: The electromagnetic wave just triggers a temporal symptom of the severe mental disease

84 [Mild mental problem caused by the radiowave]: The symptom looks like mild but actually severe, which is an electromagnetic characteristic

85 [Brain reading]: This technology was used against the eminent Japanese politician starting from the late 2000s

86 [Politician down]: Japanese minister of finance, seconded to the prime, was resigned due to the electromagnetic manipulation

87 [Electromagnetic discredit]: your sanity is at stake when meaningless words inserted into your speech

88 [Suicide caused by the radiowave]: It is an assassination when the electromagnetic wave creates a suicide

89 [Incomprehensible death]: The death caused by the radiowave often looks incomprehensible

90 [Prime ministers down]: There were two abrupt deaths of prime ministers in Japan

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91 [Who is responsible to the radiowave]: The intelligence community rules the electromagnetic manipulation

92 [CIA with five eyes]: CIA can expand their operational capability to collaborate with other five eyes

93 [CIA asset for the radiowave operation]: It is necessary to hire someone native to the local language

94 [Radiowave by the communists]: The communist league has the electromagnetic capability

95 [Radiowave by corrupted police]: The police intelligence is the main perpetrator with the electromagnetic wave in Japan

96 [Radiowave contracted to the asset]: The majority of Japanese police assets are left extremists

97 [Radiowave manipulation by contractors]: The CIA runs the electromagnetic operation directly or indirectly in the US

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98-1 [Washington Navy Yard Attack]: The perpetrator was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave

98-2 [Washington Navy Yard Attack]: The intelligence community was assumed to be the manipulator

99 [Manipulation by the holy spirit]: The famous rant at the house floor should be caused by the radiowave

100-1 [Mass murder caused by the radiowave]: It was a fact that many mass murderers were manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

100-2 [School shooting caused by the radiowave]: The abnormal increase of school shooting was likely derived from the electromagnetic manipulation

101 [Radiowave for the political plot]: Spies are surely active in the US with the electromagnetic manipulation

102-1 [Helicopter down]: There were a streak of defense helos down likely caused by the radiowave

102-2 [Helicopter down]: The downs were not directly caused by the intelligence officers

102-3 [Helicopter down]: The left extremists were responsible, supported by the police intelligence

103 [Influence of the radiowave]: it is hard to find an evidence of the electromagnetic wave, but there is

104 [Trace of the radiowave manipulation]: If the criminal is manipulated by the wave, there is a specific characteristic

105 [Rogue spies behind]: The rogue spies are the main perpetrators, but there should have been official orders as well

106-1 [When did the radiowave start?]: The radiowave manipulation is not an extension of MK ULTRA

106-2 [When did the radiowave start?]: CIA have developed this electromagnetic wave technology