101 [Radiowave for the political plot]: Spies are surely active in the US with the electromagnetic manipulation

Generally speaking, the electromagnetic wave is employed as a supplement to the physical manipulation, which is occasionally used for the political plot. It is ranged from discredit to hospitalization, and even can assassinate others, but if that is the case, the wave is the center of its conspiracy.


For example, the honey trap is more functional when the subject is sexually aroused by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. However, it is apparently required to prepare men or women for that operation and they are the center of its mission.


The electromagnetic wave is just employed to change a chemical balance of the brain, but it is enough to direct the subject entrapped with a honey trap. The aroused emotion is just escalated by the wave, but the subject cannot differentiate it unless realizing the manipulation.


In the US, there are more politicians than any other countries due to the spoils system, which means the spy can conduct a selective manipulation for their selected administrative function. At the same time, there are many international organizations located in the US, which are other targets of the manipulation.


The real identity of these spies is hard to be revealed. The US operation outside their home country is apparently conducted by the CIA, though it is not for sure how deeply the CIA runs operations there. I can at least say that there are severe problems at the intelligence community including the CIA against their own country.


This intelligence community includes contractors to them. Their technology is not under control of the government, hence their skillset is easily abused for an illegal activity. Although, the increase of school shootings should not be a result of its abuse, but there should be some orders from the intelligence even if they were implicit.


The abuse of electromagnetic wave is a critical issue, but it does not mean an intentional use of the intelligence is permissible. It is less conceivable that the assassination is permitted generally. There is a discussion point whether it can be executed outside the US, though you better understand there are many friendly countries which are not OK with the CIA covert operation inside their territories.


The abuse is more problematic as the ordinary people can be victimized by its operation. In some cases, you might be manipulated as an enemy to the country, as the intelligence desperately needs a target to be hunted down, which can prove they are necessary to the country.


In this case, the enemy is more preferable, those who are easily contained. In this way, the spy can define a range of the damage and can become a hero after hunting a bad guy down. This operation can be conducted well through the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


There have been some mass murders triggered by this manipulation for a long time, but the recent increase was extraordinary. I seriously doubt that some of the spies are blackmailing the government not to reveal this radiowave technology. But, at least, there are murders triggered by the wave, which are terrors caused by rogue spies and they are one of the dangerous criminal groups active in the US.


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