100-2 [School shooting caused by the radiowave]: The abnormal increase of school shooting was likely derived from the electromagnetic manipulation


This is a graph of the school shooting in the US, the number of incidents per year taken from WIKI definition and data. The figure just shows the number from 1991 to 2015, but it is quite apparent something extraordinary is going on.


This outcome indicates this is not a statistical anomaly, but the fundamental change occurred in 2013. The electromagnetic wave was the most appropriate cause, which should have been deployed for manipulations of school shooters since then. There is a slight possibility that this phenomenon was triggered by the other cause, but there is no possibility that the criminals or patients are suddenly increased, who have a tendency to create a school shooting. Statistically speaking, 10 sigma event abruptly emerged, which was not a result of the coincidental accidents but there was definitely a deliberation to cause the multiple incidents.


This is a data for the school shooting so that there is a possibility that the mass murder was manipulated by the wave far before 2013. But, in any way, the school shooting was escalated in that year, which was highly likely driven by the same group of manipulators. This is the only plausible explanation why it was hiked thereafter.


This group did not target children as a victim of the murder manipulated by the radiowave, as this technology was well established to cause a mass murder as late as 1990s. Moreover, I doubted some of the mass murders were actually triggered by the electromagnetic wave in the middle of 2000s.


However, they suddenly started to kill children as a victim in 2013, which also indicates this group is highly sophisticated and well organized, as they can control the timeline. There is a large possibility that this group kills more American than any other terrorists.


As you can see from my previous writing, but I was being tortured by the CIA and other intelligence organizations from the end of 2011. I was also assaulted by the electromagnetic wave at the same period, but I did not realize it back then, which became apparent from April 2013. It was several months before the Navy contractor started to be manipulated by the wave, and eventually, he committed a shooting in the yard in that September.


This is the year that lots of people noticed the capability of electromagnetic wave and spies employed this technology for the manipulation and criminal activity. The school shooting was actually tremendously increased from that January, which cannot be an accidental coincidence, but the same group decided to create those intentionally to blackmail someone.


This group is at least in the intelligence community and I researched a big event before this escalation of the shooting to elucidate what their background was. Then, I found out there was a report approved by the senate intelligence committee about the torture in Guantanamo on 13 December 2012.


This paper was later known to the public, but the CIA and intelligence community knew this was finalized. On the very next day, 14 December 2012, the most tragic event occurred in Connecticut, which was actually a start of the school shooting escalation.


It cannot be an accidental coincidence that someone should have manipulated the shooter. If this increase did not occur, the CIA operation would have been more restricted, and there is a possibility that the electromagnetic wave might be revealed to the public around that time.



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