3-182 [First day on the new town]: I was totally lost by the electromagnetic wave operation

I was back to Japan from Hong Kong and it was not a long time since I was in Hokkaido weeks before, though I needed to make myself adjusted to the new environment as this city was new to me.


My original plan was that I should have stayed here until the torture was stopped. It was safe for lots of people that I was not near to anyone I knew, and I needed to stay at the place where they did not recognize me as an enemy or outsider.


This city was appropriate for this measure and I had decided to stay here until the operation was totally failed, eventually to admit a wrongdoing of the CIA and Japanese police department.


I came here by bus from the airport and it was the first time for me into this city center, hence I was a little nervous but nothing dangerous happened for the time being. I completed a final contract for the place and set myself up to the new life here.


In other words, I had no plan what to do as I had no idea what I could do here. All I had decided was to come back to Japan and settle down here, but not decided how to live.


It was a late afternoon that I got to Japan and became dark when I entered into my new room. I just had two suitcases and it did not take much time to unpack those. There was nothing I could do and I had decided to go out for the dinner at first before thinking of my future plan.


It became totally night when I went out of the restaurant and decided to go back the path I walked, but I was overconfident on my space perception that I was totally lost.


The scenery was too dark without many lights as it was in the old town area, so that the path was not so complicated but it looked quite similar to me and moreover, the town itself was structured complexly, which made me feel that I could not go back to my room easily.


Having said that, the main cause was an electromagnetic wave operation that I could not have a correct perception.