3-156 [The operation shifted]: They brought new operatives to the electromagnetic operation

The electromagnetic wave operation was again reinforced at the early May in 2013. I had a conversation with them directly in the brain, though there were many regulars frequented in the operation and others called in just for the spot.


It looked like they brought some of the operatives according to the subject they decided and I was told to fight with them to uncover their illegal conducts. Therefore, I thought the operation could have halted if I had knocked all of them down, or contrarily saying, I needed to drive them out as there were dangerous rogue officers in the CIA which were a source of their organizational devastation.


It also held true to the Japanese police that there were many corrupted officers inside the department and I thought it was necessary to get rid of them to the bright future for Japan. I did not get an outlook of the whole criminal syndicate, but at least, I had known there were tremendous issues including assassinations and political plots.


I started to fight with them aggressively, but their operation was also raged that I even could not sleep properly anymore.


I was so worn out, but the spy was ruthless to maneuver my body more than before. One day, I drove my car with my immobile body stiffed on the sheet for two hours, and then, I was so burnt out eventually. I stopped my car and grudged into the convenience store to buy something, where the shop was filled with private investigators who waited for a chance to attack me.


Then, I made up my mind to fight with all of them if necessary, which made them gasp to stop speaking any words. It was different from what they expected as I should have been so devastated their intensive electromagnetic operation and I saw fears in their faces.


Having said that, the main battleground was in the brain that I fought with the CIA and Japanese police intelligence that actually hired those PIs in the shop.


I was not sure how much I could have driven them to the verge and felt often I was just filled with the delusion and barrenness that my conduct was totally useless. I could not capture what was the truth under severe control of the electromagnetic wave, but I had decided to fight until I die.