3-136 [Aggravated delusion]: It was actually a result of the electromagnetic wave operation

I realized I was a target of some weird operation but I had not recognized what it was.


I had been considering a possibility of the methodology to deliver a voice from a far distance, though I had no clue of the technology.


At first, I thought I had a delusion as the drug was often mixed into the tobacco by the spy. They could also drug me when it was mixed into the food or drink, but I did not research yet the whole drugging skillset.


However, my irregular symptom appeared when I did smoke so that I realized it was less likely related to it. The voice could have been heard during the morning doze, as I had the same dream every day. I did not expect at that time that I heard a voice other than the morning doze.


Especially, I smoked in the lobby when I got to Abashiri, therefore a tobacco was totally unrelated to the delusion. I also suffered from delusive thoughts at a different time of the day, as I lost more sleep due to the noise which made me spend more time on the bed to live in the doze.


When I was in the room, I often talked to myself as there was assumed to be a listening bug set up and my claim could be heard through it as well. At least, there were several bugs in my laptop PC that they could hear what I said as far as it was on, which was confirmed that the eavesdropping wave was gone when it was put off.


When looking at the web news, I often got furious against the perspective or subject they wrote, some of which were really meant to write against me, but my irregular explosion was more likely a result of the paranoia. In any way, I talked to the bug often in those days.


As you can imagine, it was perfectly the same as a result of the schizophrenia with an emotional disorder, indicating I suffered from a severe mental disease in an appearance.


I did not realize what was happening at that time, but I was actually manipulated by the electromagnetic wave to have an irregular emotional explosion. Later on, it became hard for me to tell the reality from the delusion, which made my mental more suffered. That was actually an aim of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to eliminate me socially by way of mental break-down.