3-162 [Travel actively again]: I recovered from the worst, though the electromagnetic operation continued

My condition became better day after day and I started again to travel around Hokkaido more actively than before. I had no clear logic why, but I just thought to visit more places than staying at one place.


As a result, I had stayed many hotels, but I heard a noise almost wherever from the upper room. Sometimes, there was a place without the upper room where I heard it from the outside. There should have been a natural noise, not created by them, but I could not differentiate those under a severe operation.


For some period of time, I decided a hotel without any reservation to avoid a noise, but it did not work at all to give up in the end.


I was totally controlled by the electromagnetic wave that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence easily maneuvered my behavior. Or, they could set up an operation easily even though I outwitted them as they were the police authority easily to gain a support. Their operation was so complete that it was useless to counter their operation that I had decided to stand whatever it went.


The gaslighting was also conducted anywhere, on the road or on the small downtown of the remoted areas, which was done by many types of people as well. The private investigators were basically outsourced to run a ground operation, but the police and intelligence officers often conducted their part by their own as well as many officers working for other authorities.


I saw several yakuza mobilized for this operation and there were also many ordinary people availed.


I could avoid any traffic accident as I drove my car extremely safely, though there were many harassments possibly to cause it. At the same time, I tried to contain myself even though irritated too much, as it was another way to create an accident. I had learned their operational conduct from the past missions against me.


My countermeasure was quite simple to run a car extremely slowly if I became unstable mentally as a way to explode my emotion, which complied with the law and avoid any accidents.


However, there was no place that I could go away with the perpetrators who would like to drive me to the edge with intimidation and harassment. The only consolation was that the local people were not my enemy, essentially.