3-150 [Physical control while driving]: Spy controlled my body to cause a traffic accident

I overcame an emotional control by way of a super slow driving, and then, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence started to control my body while driving. My body has been maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave since it was opaquely conducted, which was also the case when driving.


They did not just control my body, but I even could not see a front while driving that I often ran my car looking downwardly or sideways. I could push my back onto the seat which kept my body stiffly facing the front, though it was quite hard to control my body safely.


As you can imagine, they could place my head upwardly in that posture, which made me drive a car looking at the ceiling with a slight look at the front. As far as I could see the front slightly, I could manage to keep a safety, but it was always filled with a danger.


I had no idea why the CIA and Japanese police intelligence opaquely conducted this kind of operation as it meant nothing but creating an accident. They fully understood my agility was out of the norm, but that was not the only reason they had conducted a dangerous plot but they did not care what kind of collateral damages had been created eventually.


At one time, I went deep into the mountain area while my body was maneuvered crazily to see how much they were capable of controlling the body. There was a landslide so that I could not go further deep, but my body had been controlled all the time, but I could not see any cars around me, which indicating that they used an ultra-long wave to control my body.


It was also able to be confirmed in the tunnel that my body was still controlled deeper in the channel, which was a capable by the ultra-long wave, though my conversation was sometimes halted there. It indicated a fact that they managed to continue a conversation even in the deeper underground, but there was a special characteristics and limitations at their electromagnetic wave available for the operation.


I came to understand the functionality with many tries and errors, but still, I had no idea how to get away from their radiowave control that my body was basically maneuvered remotely anywhere I went.