3-158 [Lost the way]: I got lost as a result of the electromagnetic manipulation

It is quite easy for the subject to lose the way if controlled by the electromagnetic wave, which can be conducted to lower the concentration at the spot.


For example, if you need to turn left at the corner but if your neck is directed to the right side at the cross, you easily miss where to turn, and then you are lost in the way. This operation can be conducted by the physical operation that the spy put something to attract the eye at that cross, your concentration is deprived to lose the way.


If this is the case for the electromagnetic wave, your eye focus is directly maneuvered, which is not a difficult task as far as the facility is available for the operation. If the electromagnetic conversation is added on top of this manipulation, your concentration is disturbed more even not to recognize where you are.


This is essentially the same as a physical conversation as we are basically not good at conducting multiple tasks, which implies that we can lose our focus on driving when talked by others. The electromagnetic wave is only different that the subject has no right to stop a conversation, however bothering it is.


This operation was meant just to lose the way, but it was enough to deprive my energy as it ultimately took more time to get to each destination. I had no apparent goal on every day at that time so that I did not care when lost, but it definitely cost more times as there were many forests in the Hokkaido to be crawled out.


At the same time, I felt at a loss mentally every time I lost the way physically, as I came to perceive more that I was maneuvered by the intelligence operation, and then I came to lose my conscience what I was doing.