3-116 [Foreign agents]: Foreign Spy got in charge of the operation replacing PI

The young private investigators were sent back to an outside of the island and I assumed the operation might be eased from here. It was still quite hard to mobilize the local people in the Miyako island, while the number of the police was limited there as well, hence they could not deploy enough officers to an operation against me.


This hope was gone without soon that the foreign spy started to play the main role in the operation. It was essentially conducted by assets of the foreign intelligence agencies, but it was changed to English wordings that I heard from other rooms. There was no accent spoken by Japanese, hence I realized the main perpetrators were shifted to foreigners.


One apparent change was that the harassment was reduced when I ate something. When they operated a gaslighting operation during eating, I often could not eat anything to contain myself, which sometimes bothered local people as well.


That was why I asked many times not to run an operation during eating, but the private investigators fully ignored it. On the other hand, foreign spies realized this protocol hence they at least waited to run a harassment until I finished up eating.


This change indicated that the foreign spy was by far superior to the PIs that they had realized it was necessary to stand and wait for some time, not just to push forward if really need to frame a subject. It also implied that the operation started to be conducted by the different team.


Basically, the foreign agents did not conduct an operation by their own, as they were so opaque in the Miyako island, especially in the winter, an off-season for the tourist. If they had increased their aggression against me, it was not so sure how they were going to be treated in this island.


Although, they showed up sometimes that I saw one foreign spy at the local hot spring spa. He came with the police officers, though I was not sure of his intention, as it was quite unnecessary to show who he was. I actually saw him several thousand miles away, hence it was absolutely confirmed he was an intelligence officer.


There were many gaslighting conducted under a control of the foreign spy who mobilized many Japanese assets as well. I confirmed at a look that they were not private investigators and they were the main figures to run a field work after young PIs were sent back home.


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