Why I am targetted by spies incl. the CIA with hidden facts behind Sep 11 Attack

4-1 [Invitation from the extremist]: Left extremist asked me to join their group on the very first day of my university enrollment

4-2 [My father is a communist]: That is why I have been on the intelligence watch list, though I am even not one of them

4-3 [I am not a communist]: I know many of them, though

4-4 [Intelligence operation]: I have been a subject of their mission for decades, but not realized for decades

4-5 [Initial target]: My father was an original target of the electromagnetic wave operation, not me

4-6 [Left extremist spy]: I had not realized for a long time that the extremist infiltrate into my social network

4-7 [Met with a hijacker]: I was framed to talk to a hijacker from the Japan Red Army

4-8 [Police intelligence arranged a hijacker]: Japanese intelligence officer actually brought him to talk to me

4-9 [I am not a communist]: This fact must be confirmed by Japan Communist Party

4-10 [How did the extremist obtain my profile?]: Police intelligence was a source of the leak

4-11 [Candidate for the extremist]: My profile was suitable as their successor: a part of the reason I have been targeted endlessly

4-12 [False intel as an extremist]: Their failed operations were contrarily used to frame me as a dangerous left extremist

4-13 [Targeted severely]: I was likely targetted harshly as a survivor of the initial human experiment of the electromagnetic wave

4-14 [Who targeted me]: No idea who targeted my father initially, but I knew some of the main officers related to my case

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4-15 [Eliminative target]: Japanese police intelligence eventually targeted me to be eliminated

4-16 [To cause an accident]: Car crash is one of the main protocol to kill the target

4-17 [Ghost created by the electromagnetic wave]: Ghost voice is one of the ways to brainwash the subject

4-18 [Monitors from the police]: We can identify a chain of the command if finding out the undercover officer

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4-19 [Working with the terrorist fugitive]: I did not realize his true identity who was one of the most wanted at that time

4-20 [The fugitive was supported by the police]: Police intelligence plotted their runaway

4-21 [Other framings related to the Aum cult]: Multiple operations were proofs of the Japanese police intelligence involvement

4-22 [Concurrent electromagnetic wave ops]: Police intelligence employed this technology to manipulate the terrorist fugitive as well

4-23 [Field commanders]: There were officers in charge to frame me with this Aum fugitive

4-24 [Turn-in triggered another torture]: Aum fugitive arrest was leveraged to gear up the torture against me as a terrorist suspect

4-25 [Terrorist framing]: Police failed new allegation just in two weeks

4-26 [Many intelligence failures]: Their continuous failures created another reason to eliminate me

4-27 [Radicalized ex-director general]: He was the main traitor who also targeted me forever

4-28 [Aum fugitive created by the Japanese police]: There was a reason why the police intelligence left them at large

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4-29 [Police head was shot]: Japanese police director general was shot but there was an operation later to hide the truth

4-30 [Police made up a false story]: Japanese police intelligence covered up the truth

4-31 [Police helped a runaway]: Japanese police condemned the Aum fugitive as a mastermind of the shooting though helped his escape

4-32 [Alternation of evidence]: Japanese police intelligence left a trace to hide the real shooter

4-33 [Police cover up]: Japanese police intelligence created a story and left a named mastermind at large to sabotage the investigation

4-34 [Twilight learning through the electromagnetic wave]: This skillset was used to cover up the real shooter

4-35 [Created Aum fugitive]: He was availed to hide a truth of the shooting case

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4-36 [North Korea shot the director general]: This fact was covered up by the police intelligence

4-37 [North Korean badge left over]: There were only two explanations: they were framed or left it on purpose

4-38 [Reason behind the shot]: North Korea wanted to hide their relationship with the Aum cult

4-39 [Police intelligence covered up the real shooter]: There were many North Korea sympathizers in the Japanese police related at the money and political view

4-40 [Japanese police intelligence related to North Korea]: Some of them shared the same money source and socialist ideal

4-41 [Japanese police cover-up 1]: Police intelligence created a story and supported a runaway of the named mastermind

4-42 [Japanese police cover-up 2]: They created new shooter after the mastermind denied his involvement after turning in

4-43 [Japanese police cover-up 3]: Their operation was continuously failed

4-44 [Japanese police cover-up 4]: Their setup with the AUM fugitive was failed as I had another critical witness

4-45 [Jeopardous covert commanding line in Japanese police]: Some of the police careers were well connected to the extremists

4-46 [I was poisoned]: I was poisoned highly likely by North Korean spy supported by the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence

4-47 [Japanese society under attack 1]: Two sets of rogue groups in the police: Authoritarian and Left sympathizer

4-48 [Japanese society under attack 2]: This electromagnetic wave technology was developed by the CIA which has undermined American society in the same manner

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4-49 [Foreign intelligence involvement]: I attracted more attentions due to my survival, which led me to London in 1998

4-50 [CIA rationale]: They assumed me as one of the extremists or knew I was framed originally

4-51 [Spies in London]: There were many spies around me: some confirmed as CIA officers though basically hard to identify

4-52 [Drug operation]: Drug is one of the main items to frame the target as an intelligence asset

4-53 [Assetization]: There were no further ops to hire me as an intelligence asset in London

4-54 [CIA target]: I have been on their watch list since born, but became more serious

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4-55 [Conflict within the spies]: CIA’s motivation to bring me to the US contradicted to the Japanese police intelligence

4-56 [Losing control over my body]: Spy controlled my body remotely at the first time in 2001

4-57 [Fabricated memory]: I met with someone who I could not recollect how we met

4-58 [Japanese police wanted to kill me]: They failed their assassination attempt at the last time before my going to the US

4-59 [Surrounded by the CIA assets]: There were many CIA assets probably to secure me safely going to the US

4-60 [CIA and Japanese police intelligence]: They are tightly connected, though their operational goal is not necessarily the same

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4-61 [Sep 11 attack]: I visited the attack sites in the previous two weekends

4-62 [Suspicion related to Sep 11 attack]: The CIA told me that I had been suspected

4-63 [Reason behind my suspect related to Sep 11]: Spy has fabricated me a critical extremist for decades, indicating they purposely availed the Sep 11 attack to frame me as well

4-64 [Reason to go to Pentagon before Sep 11]: Korean guided us there suddenly without any explanation

4-65 [Reason to visit WTC before Sep 11]: US intelligence agency definitely knew the WTC would be attacked

4-66 [Question about communism]: Korean asked me of the communism and my negative reaction led me framed as a terrorist related to Sep 11, contrarily

4-67 [North Korean involvement to frame me related to Sep 11]: We can technically confirm it through their money account

4-68 [Japanese police intelligence also knew Sep 11 attack beforehand]: That is why they framed me as a terrorist also related to this attack

4-69 [Japanese intelligence chief knew Sep 11 attack in advance]: This information was definitely shared with the CIA counterpart

4-70 [Spy fabricated a story to create a terrorist suspect]: They can frame an ordinary people easily with their capability

4-71 [Reason behind the endless operation against me]: There was no other option but killing me, as I became a potential witness of their wrongdoings

4-72 [CIA technique to confirm the authenticity]: They do not need a concrete evidence

4-73 [CIA even left traces]: There were many plots to confirm whether I was a terrorist or not

4-74 [CIA called me to confirm Sep 11 attack]: It was kind of an interrogation to know whether I was involved or not

4-75 [CIA knew Sep 11 attack in advance]: The issue is just which ranking officers noticed it

4-76 [CIA ops related to Sep 11]: We can confirm CIA involvement from the different angle

4-77 [CIA ops related to Sep 11]: FBI NY chief might have been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

4-78 [CIA needed a significant attack]: CIA sometimes ignored a critical intel for their organizational survival

4-79 [CIA tried to eliminate me]: They tried it many times and there was a car crash as one of the most critical

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4-80 [Another diving trap by the CIA]: This might be one of the ways to kill or confuse their target

4-81 [South Korean ops was compromised by the North]: They should find out the moles

4-82 [They framed me to fly a drug line]: One of their main purposes was to flag me related to the drug business

4-83 [Weird inspection on way back to Japan]: There should be an evidence traced back to the police and CIA

4-84 [CIA entrapped me in Guam]: They needed to eliminate me to hide their relation to Sep 11 attack

4-85 [Guam spree killer case was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave]: Some traces suggested it was a job of the CIA

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4-86 [CIA lured me out to establish my own company]: This is one of the protocols to hire the subject as an intelligence asset

4-87 [Fund was pulled out]: The whole event was a setup of the CIA

4-88 [Sting ops for financial frauds]: CIA was a mastermind to instigate me to conduct financial crimes, though all failed

4-89 [Sting ops for insider trading]: I avoided trading with an insider information, but there were many CIA assets gaining personal interest from it

4-90 [Realization of spy ops]: There were a bunch of intelligence ops, though I had not realized them for decades

4-91 [Assassinations and tortures]: Their assassination attempts were failed apparently, which positioned them to torture me for a false confession

4-92 [CIA took over the command]: CIA has been in charge of the eliminative operation against me from the middle to secure their organizational interest

4-93 [Japanese police intelligence started a war]: This organization was controlled by the left extremist sympathizers who hated me crazily

4-94 [CIA was always out there]: My family was an early target of the electromagnetic wave operation conducted by the Japanese police intelligence introduced by the CIA

4-95 [Intelligence community always needs an enemy]: If necessary, they have created their targets

4-96 [Self-determination is an issue]: Intelligence community has been too independent from the democratic control

4-97 [Electromagnetic wave technology has worsened the situation]: Spy has a capability to manipulate subjects more covertly and remotely than publicly known

4-98 We should restrict the capability of the intelligence community