4-43 [Japanese police cover-up 3]: Their operation was continuously failed

They hid a truth behind the operation against me with publishing a book called “The man who shot the police director general” as I did not care about who actually shot him. I remembered slightly that the police condemned the Aum fugitive as the mastermind and I realized he was the one who I used to work with during his runaway, but I did not care that much about why he was untouched even though he was also under surveillance by the police intelligence.


When he turned himself into the police, I realized I had known him, while I had been severely tortured by the Chinese intelligence at my flat in Hong Kong.


Chronologically ordering, my torture started from the middle of December 2011, he showed up to the police station on the last day of 2011 and I realized he was the one I used to work with at the construction site in the first week of January 2012. Then, I came back to Tokyo to find the job in April, though it was highly restricted by the intelligence community so that I went back to my home in the next month. This book was published in the following July when I was still at my home with many gaslightings.


In those days, I had not realized an existence of the electromagnetic wave capability yet and did not notice I had been the serious target for a long time as well. Although, I recognized my emotion became too irregular quite often and had a different personality during the morning doze in 2012.


Moreover, my idea was actually read totally from the outside in those days. I noticed the weirdness but I assumed some of the intelligence officers had an exceptional skillset to read the thought through a mouth or jaw movement. Adding to this, I thought my emotional control was somehow broken due to the prolonged tortures.


However, I understood a functionality of the electromagnetic wave operation in 2013 and realized that I had been targeted by this operation for a long time.


The issue here is that I was also a subject of this operation in the middle of 1990s when I worked with this Aum fugitive under the full monitor by the police intelligence. It meant that the police left him at large on purpose, which was availed to frame me as an accessory to the terrorist.


This also indicated that they had this plan long before to entrap me as a possible terrorist suspect after his turn-in. This was executed as the plan B at the end of 2011, as I had escaped from their sting operation and survived through their assassination and tortures since then.


Their option was limited at that exact moment so that they decided to condemn me as a terrorist and justified their tortures against me. Their tactic was failed within the fortnight, which required another cover-up to hide a truth of the shooting against the director general.


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