4-42 [Japanese police cover-up 2]: They created new shooter after the mastermind denied his involvement after turning in

There were many books related to this shooting case in Japan, one of which was titled as “the man who shot the police director general” published by Shincho. In this book, a different one is treated as the true shooter.


Although, it was improbable, as the shooter was 180 centimeter high, though this another man was 160 centimeter high. As written before, the victim has a gunshot wound penetrated his body, hence a height of the shooter can be identified in a smaller range, which never becomes shorter. It might be possible that the perpetrator was higher than calculated when shooting in the unique position, but that is the only alternative.


This book was published on 1 July 2012 after Makoto Hirata turned himself in at the of 2011; there were several meanings of this publishing.


The police intelligence definitely had a motivation to create a new image of the shooter before the Aum was not behind this shooting case. He actually denied his involvement in this case, even though there was no necessity as it was not prosecutable after the statute of limitations was passed.


Therefore, the police intelligence arranged another suspect and made up the story that there was a defection at the investigation which was why they could not prosecute the real shooter. If not, there was a risk that the shooting was condemned as an act of North Korea as there was enough evidence of their operation.


At the same time, there was another risk of the revelation that the police intelligence supported his runaway, even though he was one of the most wanted in Japan at that time. There were many people including many journalists already to know that I worked with him at the construction sites.


They initially spread a fake intel that I was involved in his escape as I used to work with him unnoticeably, though this framing was failed as one of the attorney prosecutors definitely defended me that I was not one of them, as he knew well of me in those days.


It was critical as the whole prosecutors were not manipulated by this new intelligence operation to prosecute me as an accessary. On the other hand, when it was revealed that the police actually planned his escape, some of the journalists or other many police officers definitely tried to find out the reason behind the support.


This scrutiny might uncover a true nature of this shooting case, as he was assumed to be a mastermind though actually not. When this was the case, the fact was revealed in this way that the police intelligence knew that North Korea shot the Japanese police director general and they covered up the real identity as they were connected to North Korea in many perspectives.


Moreover, there was another risk that it was revealed in this way that the police intelligence had employed the electromagnetic wave to manipulate confessed suspect, fugitives, me and others for hiding up everything.


It was necessary to create a new perpetrator to cover up all of those, which was why this book was published at that timing.