51 [Body maneuvered wirelessly by the radiowave]: you lose a command over your body

Your physical movement looks quite complicated to be externally controlled, though the electromagnetic wave actually can maneuver it. My movement has been restricted on every day for several years and you cannot imagine how minutely it is controlled. There is no way to live a normal life under this manipulation.


The physical control is actually an extension of the brain manipulation. There is no significant difference between sending a thought and controlling a body movement. The only difference is that the brain address for the body movement is already found, which is controlled in the motor area, while the brain uses multiple areas to think. Furthermore, its area might use a distinctive frequency pattern, highly likely separated from other functions. It implies the manipulator can send a thought without body movement if cutting this frequency range when irradiating the ultra-long wave.


The brain is widely manipulated when your thought is controlled, whose process should be complicated. The thought itself should be sent to the speech or auditory area in the brain by the wave. It is unclear how the thought process is controlled beyond that, but at least, the brain process can be deeply manipulated by the radiowave for sure.


The physical movement can be controlled by the brain stem to move each related muscle. However, if that is the case, the muscle might get two contradictory orders, one from the external radiowave and the other from the motor area. Therefore, it is necessary to affect the motor area to control the subject’s movement.


More precisely saying, the manipulator’s movement simultaneously creates a brainwave, which is sent to the subject’s brain to be synchronized. In this way, your body movement is controlled, including the thought to move in that way. That is why the physical control should be affected just more than the brain stem.


If the electromagnetic wave can control the brain stem directly, there is a possibility that the human movement is maneuvered by the digital information, i.e. the wave pattern is recreated in the PC, which is sent to the subject who moves according to its signal. I doubt this technology is still not yet developed in practice.


The physical movement is more controlled by the stronger electrical power. I tried many times to avoid its control, concluding that the escape is not impossible. However, the electrical power is increased as a result, which makes it harder to avoid. This has proved that the control is dependent on a level of the power.


Additionally, the control might be halted when concentrating on using a different part of the brain. If you try to keep the state of emptiness at zen, you can resist to the external control. The brainwave is dominated by the theta wave under this state, which is why the brain can avoid a synchronization, partially.


Having said that, it is quite difficult to keep that state and its resistance escalates a stress, which creates another issue on the brain activity. Furthermore, it is the same as doing nothing when your brain is dominated by the theta wave. In either way, you cannot do anything. All in all, it is useless to resist against the physical maneuver by the radiowave.


The biggest risk to the physical manipulation is a suicide, though it is not necessarily easy as there is a slight discrepancy between the manipulator’s behavior and the subject’s, hence it is not easy to compel a complicated movement. It is especially hard when the manipulator cannot actually see how the subject moves according to the manipulation. This situation is overcome by the surveillance camera, but it leaves a trace of the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


On the other hand, it is easier to make the subject jump off or dive in, as they are composed by the simple physical movement. As a result, the damage is fatal, more than just elevating a stress.


The self-harm is another easy target of the physical manipulation. It is easy to punch yourself or hit your head on a wall. It looks like a psychiatric disorder, therefore it is hard to explain that the damage is caused by the electromagnetic wave. In this way, you can torture the subject by far easily.