2-101 [A sudden death]: One of my acquaintances had died, likely caused by the electromagnetic wave

I would like to mention about one death from a sudden cause. He was one of the management, who was in charge of IR department, died in 2011. As said many times, I was not involved in any illegal transaction including an insider trading, but the police definitely investigated my transaction about his company.


The investigative authorities often started their inspection against me from a result of the transaction, not from the information. There were many trades I made beautifully in the past, which looked like an insider trading, just from the end result. I quite often sold off the stock before its sudden drop and bought it just before its jump-up and they claimed I had an insider information to trade those.


It was a result of the technique to trade and there were numerous well-placed orders which were used as their excuse to continue their investigation forever.


I traded beautifully with his company at one occasion as well, although it was just an outcome and I have remembered my serious nervousness how to trade it at that time. It was a result of the technique, but it was not that easy as it sounds.


The CIA and Japanese police intelligence absolutely knew there was no insider trading, as they have watched me for decades. This streak of the intelligence operation against me started from 2009 at late when they actually instigated me for an insider trading as well. They knew I would not, which was why they added more operations against me other than that.


These operations were not necessarily executed against me, but they were likely to use an electromagnetic wave against him. I have no idea of their true purpose but assume he was not targeted to be killed. The electromagnetic wave has often murdered their target unintentionally from a sudden cause, such as a stroke or heart attack.


Their possible purpose was to extract information directly from the brain or to create a false past to deliver an insider information, either of which was likely the reason why he was killed by the electromagnetic wave.


This is just a hypothesis, though I have a confidence as the same as I have been right on numerous trading in the past, some of which were so beautiful that they claimed I had an insider information. The CIA or Japanese police intelligence used a radiowave against him to be killed, just for creating a false charge against me.


There were many deaths and despairs in this course and there were numerous illegal activities done by spies. They have still tortured me and driven many people to death in various ways. Why has this craze been unprosecuted? Why can some of them still work for the government to undermine it? Why have their murder and illegal activity been untouched to be continued?


The government and politician should stand up to regulate their illegal operation including electromagnetic one. Furthermore, their conducts should be prosecuted as an organization and as an individual. Otherwise, it is quite unfair to those had already passed away.