3-173 [Real conspiracy]: There was a conspiracy to take over the Japanese government

I often looked back my past when I was in Hokkaido in the middle of 2013 because I had enough time to do so. At the same time, I have been so tortured that I should recollect its origin, and also, the spy let me think what happened in the past.


I came to realize that the Japanese police intelligence, the left extremist and CIA were certainly around from the long past to suck me down. I did not realize their true identities, and some of them came near to me as an undercover or others monitored covertly.


I knew left activists and saw some extremists, though I have not been one of them. I concluded that the communism and socialism are just wrong until the middle of teenage and that the left extremist should not be permitted to exist as they still attempted a takeover of Japan by the revolution. I came to this conclusion at that age when we ordinary should possess a political opinion.


On the other hand, I had never thought the Japanese police intelligence conducted a normal activity, which also made me think that the police department is not so trustworthy. After all, it was a result of the environment under which I grew up.


Having said that, I had believed the police intelligence and the left extremist were enemies for each other, as the intelligence was mainly established to capture the extremist.


My perception was just wrong and they were deeply connected, which was so apparent that I saw many left activists in front of me in Hokkaido. This reality was reinforced by the fact that there were many operations against me, jointly conducted by them. This outcome indicated that the police rankings were penetrated by the left extremist at some point of time, who supported a revolution pursuit together.


The CIA was also always there and I knew why they had monitored me, though the real issue is that they are also connected not just to the Japanese police intelligence but also to the left extremist and North Korea. I still cannot get an answer of this collaboration yet.


There are a couple of possibilities, one of which is that the CIA has recruited their assets in the Japanese police intelligence who had been originally radicalized to the left. Otherwise, there are radicalized leftists in the CIA as well who has collaborated with their counterpart to seek the same goal. It is hard to find an answer of this to me as it is beyond my ability to understand an internal problem of the CIA from the public information.


In any case, I have been a target of their spy mission, because I have hated their conduct since young. As a result, there has been no probability that I should work as one of them or not to be hired as their asset, which implies that I am definitely an outsider to them.


Some of them had decided to entrap me after its realization, even though they could have left me alone. It started in the middle of 1990s as they truly believed I became a danger to their organization in the end. Their continuous failure to hire me as an asset led to many operations to eliminate me physically.


I still do not know who started this mission, but I knew some of the early operatives who also have demolished the Japanese society for a long time.