5-17 [DC Navy yard shooting] 17: Sleep deprivation can be avoided by the noise cancel


There is another important device to counter the electromagnetic wave operation, which is SONY’s WALKMAN or any similar devices can help us.


The sleep deprivation is one of the most common techniques on the spy operation and it has advanced with the electromagnetic wave that we can hear a noise sent externally. It is not necessarily sent by the wave, but can be sent physically from the outside.

3-48 [Torture and sleep deprivation]: Torture can be conducted without confinement; a sleep deprivation is one of them


In either way, do not fight against the noise, which is pretty much useless.


If you are really a subject of the spy operation, the manipulators are never bothered by your aggressive claims. I had the same misunderstandings and tried to confront them directly. Even if we find out one of the perpetrators, they are just a low-level agent who had no authority to change their operation in the ground.


We can ignore the noise with WALKMAN which has a feature of the noise cancel. There are several sets of noise cancels, and this one is not perfect but enough to offset the noise from the outside.


It becomes better when we listen to the music with the noise cancel. It is not easy to sleep with the music, but there are a plenty of selections for the sleep introduction sound. You can buy one of them at any music outlets. In this way, you can also ignore the noise just heard inside your brain as well.

2-7 [Water pouring]: The famous torturing interrogation technique of the Chinese police


This system actually works in the daytime that we can mentally reduce the external noise with the music. What bothers you here is that you just lost your own control due to the uncontrollable outside. If you counter it with listening to the music, you can live with it as you are not worried about the uncontrollability.


The small sound is enough and it should be better as our ears are permanently damaged if exposed to the loud sound for a long time.


We cannot halt the attack, but there are some ways to counter.