3-188 [Self-harm]: It was one of the main options to contain my aggression from the society in those days

My emotion was extremised in any direction by the electromagnetic wave, which was hard to be contained as they escalated it to the level that I could not accommodate.


I employed a self-harm as one of the options in those days. When my aggression was escalated too much, there was a possibility that I might have attacked someone or demolish my surroundings so that I attacked myself as the alternative.


It was effective not to assault others, as my aggressive stress was released off by the actual attack against myself, hence there was no risk to harm others as far as I employed this tactic.


However, this behavior had been escalated. The human brain is flexible enough to adjust to the new situation so that I needed more self-harm to contain my aggressive emotion day after day. Eventually, my body became worn out.


Adding to this, I hit myself almost every day to sleep. We basically sleep when tired too much and the self-harm created a tiredness with an opportunity to sleep in those days even though controlled by the electromagnetic wave. Therefore, I hit myself hard more than 100 times in those every day.


There was another meaning to hit myself that my body was basically synchronized to the operatives through the electromagnetic wave, meaning that my self-harm was transferred to their self-harm as well. I thought this conduct should prevent them to continue the electromagnetic operation all night long.


As a result, my face was always swollen and my arm was bruised in blue, as those were areas easily hit by myself. I often hit my hand, which caused a swelling at the large coin size to hurt continuously for a week.


The pain is also enhanced by the electromagnetic wave so that my self-harm created another burden on me. These were just tortures caused by the radiowave operation, and actually, there was no difference from the traditional measure in terms of the pain.


One day, I showed my bruise to the outsourced private investigators hired by the spy and they were so frightened as my whole right forearm was just in blue.