5-7 [DC Navy yard shooting] 7: Electromagnetic brainwash is harder to get away than we imagine

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Photo by Matan Segev on Pexels.com

You might think that the shooter was just brainwashed and you cannot be one of them to be manipulated to attack others, though actually, it was hard to resist. As seen, he even realized he was a subject of the ultra-low frequency that accessed his brain externally. This realization did not help him out of the attack, even though he fully understood the shooting was a wrong thing to do.


I experienced the same brainwash after he did this shooting. I have been a subject of the electromagnetic manipulation for nearly three decades and there were several occasions that they tried to manipulate me to commit a mass murder.


In the most of the cases, I did not realize it was a result of the electromagnetic manipulation, as I had no idea of this capability and I was not brainwashed that much in any way. However, the situation was completely changed after they started the electromagnetic operation overtly and I was so deeply manipulated right after this incident in the fall of 2013.

3-204 [How to brainwash by the radiowave]: You are manipulated to believe the assault is right thing to do


It had continued for more than six months. I thought of attacking the local police headquarter for many hours every day. It was not just to imagine the attack, but also I considered how to obtain the gun, highly restricted in Japan, and how to enter into the headquarter, a bunch of armed police officers; how to fight, how to close and so on. My pondering had been continued for more than six months.


The manipulator also controlled my aggression which escalated my thought to assault them. I actually visited their headquarter for many times and one day I shouted at their front door against their monitor camera.

3-205 [More than emotional control by the radiowave]: Necessary to manipulate more for attacking the exact target


Nobody showed up, though. This outcome was more critical than his case, as the police knew how I was and what I did in front of their headquarter. It means there have been many police intelligence officers amongst the manipulators, and actually, one of them was a police chief of my district at that time. This brainwash halted on that day, as a savage proof of the mind control was filmed at the police record.


My behavior was aggravated at this level due to the electromagnetic manipulation, even knowing that I was a subject of the brainwash. It took me six months to shout in front of their headquarter and you might take more time to act like this, but some of you might conduct a felony like this shooter to kill innocent people under the mind control even with much shorter time.