5-4 [DC Navy yard shooting] 4: Another symptom certifies more that the perpetrator was manipulated toward the shooting


We analyzed what happened in New Port, but his behavior was logged in the different occasion as well. He experienced a strange sleeping disorder, later on.


The oversight committee paper mentioned that “On August 28, 2013, Alexis went to the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C., again complaining of insomnia.63 On this occasion, Alexis said that he was waking up at 4:00 a.m. like clockwork.”


I am not sure about the mental disorder can trigger this type of the problem, disorder but totally ordered, while the electromagnetic wave can, as the manipulation is basically well-planned.

3-204 [How to brainwash by the radiowave]: You are manipulated to believe the assault is right thing to do


Our sleep is cycled during the night from REM to non-REM. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement that our sleep is shallow under this state. It also implies that our sleep cycles from deep to shallow at several times during the night.


The manipulator can easily wake up the subject under the REM sleep even with a small noise, which can be physical clicking outside the bedroom. Having said that, there are many ways as well to create the noise or stimulus through the electromagnetic wave, such as letting the subject bite a tongue. This method is enough to wake the subject up under the REM sleep.

3-197 [Police avoided a confrontation]: They even used an electromagnetic wave to shut my mouth


Then, the manipulator can control this incident more like clockwork. All the information is more toward the electromagnetic wave manipulation rather than the mental disorder. It also implies that the spies created a mass shooting to control his mind.