91 [Who is responsible to the radiowave]: The intelligence community rules the electromagnetic manipulation

There are many conspiracies and assassinations triggered by the radiowave, but we have no clue which incidents were caused by the electromagnetic operation. There were some cases almost certainly operated by the radiowave manipulator, though they were not 100% proved yet.

If one of them was perfectly sure, the electromagnetic wave capability can be open to the public, but the reality is not yet to be. These damages were hard to be proved, which is one of the reasons why the wave has not been officialized yet. Additinally, the intelligence community has tried quite hard to hide their capability to manipulate the people through the electromagnetic wave irradiation.

However, this technology is actually deployed to affect the important political event. The radiowave might be used as a supplement to the overall operation and should be the center of operation for some time. In either way, this is not solely operated, highly likely with other physical manipulations, which implies there is a possibility to see whether this technology is used or not, by investigating other related operation to the subject.

If one specific incident looks like caused by the electromagnetic wave and if it partially composes the overall operation, we should conclude the wave is employed for the manipulation. You can figure out the radiowave functionality as there are many symptoms raised until here. The whole functions are not covered, but this is still a technology whose capability is restricted mechanically.

There are multiple groups employing this technology at least in Japan, as there are several political directions appeared when the electromagnetic wave is used for the political plot. It is also used for non-political crime, hence there are other perpetrators applying this technology purely for their interest, which is highly likely a result of the misuse of intelligence assets.

The enormous facility only used to be deployed in the past, but the size should be shrunk to be portable. I still have no clue how small it is, but the size should be small enough to be loaded into a car. Although, it does not mean old facilities are out of use. If you have been a subject of the electromagnetic operation for a long time, you can find an enormous device, i.e. a pole used for the antenna, around your place.

A progress of the technology also capacitates a complicated operation, though the most advanced should be exclusive to the main group. It should be just the CIA and Japanese police intelligence in Japan and it should be the intelligence community or just the CIA in the US case. The most advanced one is the thought reading, next to an unidentified inner voice.

Having said that, an old technology of the simple frequency pattern is still capable of assassinating you. Or, it might drive you to commit a crime by way of the emotional explosion. There are more groups capable of this traditional operation, which is still dangerous as well.