5-59 [Brain damage]: Electromagnetic wave can harm the brain physically

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

I am still wondering why I am survived and my brain still works properly. As a matter of fact, there are many micro bleedings inside my brain through recent MRI scan. That is one of the reasons why I have suffered from a severe headache, while there are no substantial damages beyond that for the time being.


I used to have severe problems until realizing I was a subject of the intelligence operation. They have employed the electromagnetic capability for more than two decades against me, might be not continuous though, and I had several weird symptoms losing my eyesight, seeing a flashlight or losing control of one of my arms.


Those were so terrifying and I decided every time to go to see doctors in the next morning as they always happened in the night while I was in bed. Then in the next morning, I resumed the normal function of those that I have never consulted doctors for this matter, but those were apparently more than micro bleeding.


I have been extensively targeted by the spies for more than 5 years, though I did not experience fatal problems like those.


There should be a couple of rationales, one of which is cooling down my head. Nowadays, I put coolants on my head extensively all the time during awake, hence the damage can be prevented. Or, I have spent considerable time for my exercise, every day for years, which can also keep the brain away from the damage.


There is another explanation that I have taken several supplements including, DHA, EPA and mineral. The brain is filled with the DHA, indicating that its addition should keep my brain structure intact, which can hold true to the mineral.


The mineral is also consumed during the brain activity, which is also the case when it is controlled by the electromagnetic wave. The spies basically cause irregular emotions to brainwash me, hence it is expected that the mineral can be consumed irregularly. This problem should be prevented to take minerals as a supplement.


I am still not sure of the main reason why my brain just suffers from micro bleeding, nothing more, and my above assumption might be wrong, however, it is necessary to take a preventive measure. At least, there are many micro bleedings, implying there are large possibilities that the situation should become worse than now, or some of my measures help my brain away from the fatal failure.