2-4 [One step to the extreme measure]: no one can be trusted

I got an appointment for the job interview under this severe surveillance, which they asked me to come over but it was apparently not a normal interview. Considering its background and the fact that the Japanese and Chinese authorities had watched strictly, I immediately recognized it was a call from the CIA.


In those days, I had not understood my situation totally and misjudged that the CIA came here to help me out. I thought it was apparent there was no reason for the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence to hunt me down and the CIA should be reasonable enough to resolve these misunderstandings. It was a silly notion to believe, but it was problematic just more than absurd.


The other parties had originally pretended to believe I was the CIA agent and they were not happy with my meeting with them in that story. Or more precisely, the majority of them believed those stories except ranking officers really connected, which also held true to the CIA officers who had no idea the real nature of this covert operation.


In this circumstance, I got a meeting potentially with the CIA, which was apparent to the Chinese and Japanese who had hacked my PC. They warned me not to go there with a physical threat. It was hard to explain but the Chinese intelligence had a bug and camera in my room and they knew what I was doing all the time. It had not been often in Hong Kong, but this methodology has been quite common in the mainland China. When I opened its e-mail and thought about whether going to this meeting, the noise level was tremendously escalated to warn my decision.


The date coming nearer, the drilling even started from the upper room, and then, they sent a spam mail not to attend it. Certainly, there was no one telling me directly not to go there, but this was how the spy communicated for this kind of operation, not to leave any traces and evidence. That was the way to deny any responsibilities later on and tried a subtle methodology to deliver their messages or to manipulate others.


Although, there was a possibility that I recognized as such due to a result of the electromagnetic manipulation. In any way, the tension was escalated toward its time and the drill was more frequented from the upper room. That was an apparent Chinese message as the room was used by them for the surveillance.


Thinking through pros and cons, I had a limited option to take and it was necessary to talk to someone, definitely. The Japanese government was helpless as the Japanese police was so aggressive that I had better talk to the US authority. I understood well of the Chinese message, but I should have bet on the CIA option.