5-62 [Zen meditation]: Zen meditation can contain brainwave, which proves the external electromagnetic control

white concrete buddha statue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is no way to counter the body control by the electromagnetic wave. The subject’s body is synchronized to the operative’s, meaning it is a two-way connection, though the subject is easily controlled when exposing the stronger current from the outside.


My conclusion is, do not fight against meaninglessly, just following as it is and concentrating on what we can protect. As said, you might resist the body movement created from the outside at first, but it is just a matter of time, as the operatives inevitably win as they can increase the power of electromagnetic wave to control the subject in the end.


Having said that, Zen works. There are many steps in the Zen meditation and there is a stage to lose any thought process and to stay objective against senses coming up and around. We basically hear anything or feel any pains, but do not think anything and just become objective against those external stimuli.


We actually halt the outside body control from the electromagnetic wave in this state. It basically means we can create the unique brainwave, not synchronized to the outside influence. Actually, that was the time that I fully realized that the electromagnetic body control is conducted through the brain.


It can also restrict the outside influence for us to concentrate on the single issue, which is less advanced stage than not to think anything. Or, you can take the way to think nothing. In anyways, there are several ways to separate our brainwave from the outside influence at Zen meditation.


However, there is a fundamental problem that I cannot do anything at all, even though I am able to counter the electromagnetic wave operations. It is apparent that I have not thought anything during those meditations, while it is impossible to do something.


You can find how to do it as Daisetsu Suzuki wrote a book about Zen in English and he was one of the most influential monks in the last century.


It is possible to restore the control over our own body in this way, but it is more practical to ignore the influence, even hitting ourselves through the electromagnetic control, as we can spend meaningful times when not controlled.