5-42 [Past Review] How I have been targeted by spies with the electromagnctic capability

Photo by arvin febry on Unsplash

I have written a lot of issues related to electromagnetic technology to manipulate the human brain for more than two years. It actually comes near to three years, considering the fact that I decided to make this problem public on the new year of 2016, starting to write in Japanese.


It is still not publicly admitted that this technology has been abused to bring a social disorder in our world, though there are more and more people realizing something vicious happening to cause numerous deaths and tortures. It should not be far away from the total revelation and we have to go forward until we can make it sure that the world becomes safer with a restriction on the electromagnetic capability.


I started from the general ideas how the electromagnetic wave works on the human brain and body, which are results of my research and personal experience. There is a concrete reason that this electromagnetic technology has been developed by the CIA and intelligence community; I had been targeted intensively for more than a year by the spies before I encountered this invisible capability. I was even asked by them to join their community as a spy, which I declined, so that I was 100% sure that there is a way to control the human being remotely with the electromagnetic wave employed by the spies.


In the series of writings, I mentioned how I was listed at the top of their enemies, especially for the Japanese police intelligence. My father has been a member of Japanese communist party and the police intelligence would have recruited me as one of the successors to run the communism extremist in Japan, as they have desperately needed to keep their weaker enemies intact for their organizational survival.


Adding to this, they have been infiltrated by the red extremists who were student activists in 1960s, dormant for a while inside the police department, and then, one of them became the Director General of Japanese police department, who is actually the same officer targeting me since I was young.


Their operation has continued for long and I actually encountered with a few terrorists, a hijacker of the left extremist and an Aum cult member related to the Sarin attack in 1995. Although, I briefly talked to the former and immediately took away after knowing he was a terrorist. I worked with the cult member, though he did not even tell his real identity. I remember he was quite cautious to keep his secrecy, but it was the place nobody bothered who they were, a suitable place to hide out.


Then, I was suspected to several crimes, from a drug trafficking to 911 attack, though I had no idea that I have been investigated until I was told so. Those were stories before I have encountered the electromagnetic manipulation opaquely. That is why I am confident that this technology has been developed by the CIA and employed to harm lives of the ordinary people, even to be killed.


This is a technology, not a psychic ability, hence there is a history how this capability has been developed, which is a research part, away from my personal experience.