2-55 [Enemy wanted]: Intelligence needs their enemies to fight against, even if self-created

It is a common practice to create a criminal by the electromagnetic wave. I have somehow managed to escape from their trap, still away from being a killer or felon, but not all the target has been so lucky.


If you do not realize you are manipulated, you are more prone to accept the idea sent by the radiowave, eventually to commit a crime. For my case, I had no idea this existence in 2006, hence I was so manipulated but it was out of my value and impulse to act according to its manipulation.


The issue is how strong your philosophy is. If it is not strong that you are easily influenced by others, you can be easily maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave.


Or, you might be too emotional to contain your impulse to assault others. This aggressive emotion is also enhanced by the electromagnetic wave so that your reason is quite critical to be away from a battery or murder.


Furthermore, the electromagnetic technology has progressed significantly, which is capable potentially of manipulating more people to offend the law. If you do not recognize a threat of the electromagnetic wave, you cannot realize your brain is manipulated.


The CIA and other global intelligence organization can create a criminal through this methodology. Even if they have failed to make you a criminal, you can become easily an enemy of the country when mentioning you have a dangerous paranoia. As a result, you can be more monitored by these spies to conduct more profound manipulation. This whole system is extremely wrong.


One of this advancement is a threat of the lone wolf. This threat is very real to the society, but some of them are actually created by the spy. Some terror acts were manipulated by the intelligence organizations with the electromagnetic wave to exaggerate a risk of the lone wolf.


In this way, the spy can enhance their necessity from the government, as they are guys to fight against these crazy terrorists. Moreover, they expand the watch list to include those who are potentially against their authority. The spy can render those harmless through various operations, which certifies their winning at the power struggle.


Or, they sometimes leave terrorists to conduct terrors. If this is the case, they have not created a criminal nor a terror. They are not legally responsible for any final acts, but they should choose which terror can be executed negligibly. This choice should be so unlawful.


Although, not all the terrorists are created by the intelligence. The vast majority of crimes are irrelevant to the intelligence operation, but its fact is irrelevant to the real existence of the operation to create a crime.


The world is not created by the conspiracy, but there is certainly a spy operation to create a social disorder.