4-86 [CIA lured me out to establish my own company]: This is one of the protocols to hire the subject as an intelligence asset

I went to Guam in November 2009 and I had been an intelligence target until then. For example, my kitchen was burnt and I was not able to use it anymore when I was back home from the business trip. I had thought it was also a result of the accident, but there was no miracle that just the kitchen was burnt without notice by anyone and without any attendance.


There were many operations to instigate an insider trading that I knew who told the information to me, though I avoided any illegal transaction. Actually, there were more operations related to the financial crimes and I found out the majority of them were a sting operation to make me a criminal.


The critical tactic around the time I went to Guam was a plot to lure me out to create my own company. There were several reasons why I had decided to start up my own hedge fund and this itself was not a result of the intelligence manipulation.


I actually got a fund in the summer of 2009, but we held back at the time of signing. If they had manipulated me originally, they should have used this opportunity, but the reality went in a different direction, which meant that my motivation was not manipulated initially by the spy.


However, the CIA started to make use of this situation that I continuously met other investors, one of those decided to fund me in the autumn of that year. It was one of the most well-known American public funds through the fund of funds, hence I decided to leave the job to establish my own.


In the timeline-wise, my flat was burnt without notice in early 2009 and I got this fund in October 2009, a month before I went to Guan. Then, I moved to the new place in December as my rent should have been renewed. I did not expect a good result from the negotiation as I have a landlord to pay all the cost suffered from the fire.


The new room was the place I had been tortured. My old flat was independent of any others hence it was inappropriate for the monitor, hence it was necessary for them to move me to the new place for the monitor and operation. All of those operations were conducted simultaneously, meaning this US public funding case was also one of the operations.


The only CIA was capable of setting up this operation, which was why I can confirm they have been in charge, supported by the Japanese police and the Chinese intelligence, though I did not realize how I was framed.