106-2 [When did the radiowave start?]: CIA have developed this electromagnetic wave technology

The electromagnetic manipulation is apparently an extension of the EEG / biofeedback which is still conducted through the electrode placed on the skull, but the wireless is just one step ahead. However, it also indicates the wireless transmission is the other important technological background of the radiowave manipulation.


That was why MK Ultra’s sub-project 119 was way out toward the current technology, but the electromagnetic control was established from other sources. Although, there was a quite crucial remark at the MK Ultra that the CIA had been quite interested in a skillset to maneuver the human being externally and wirelessly. This motivation was kept even after the whole project was revealed and denounced, which was eventually realized as the electromagnetic manipulation.


This methodology should start from the simple frequency control. Irradiating a specific frequency band to the subjects, their brain and organs suffered from the corresponding symptom. That might begin with the wired experiment, but there is a large possibility that even a single frequency should cause a critical effect, including a heart attack and brain stroke. Actually, it is a proved fact that these two fatal symptoms can be caused by an irradiation of the ultra-long wave.


It is a complicated task to cause a depression by the radiowave manipulation, but a headache or fatigue is not that difficult; i.e. those can be caused by the simple pattern of frequencies. Mixing up these relatively simple maneuvers, the subject might eventually suffer from the depression. Moreover, if the same techniques are combined in different ways, you might be driven to the suicide or criminal action.


This technology has been further developed even to send a thought directly to the brain. I have opaquely experienced it since 2013, though I saw its capability in 1993, which implied they were capable of transmitting a thought already in 1980s. This evolution was quite dangerous to manipulate other human beings and societies.


The brain reading was developed later than sending, which should be in the late 1990s or might be in 2000s. There was a time lag for this advancement and I was pretty much sure of it as I was a subject of this electromagnetic manipulation without the brainwave reading in the middle of 1990s. Additionally, they employed the thought reading at the operation against me or others at least in 2000s.


This technology is still in the progress to manipulate the human being more efficiently in the near future. This advancement is horrific, but we better understand the current technology can kill the people and have actually created many social problems.


The people should understand a true nature of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. This has been covertly deployed to manipulate the people and societies for decades and there were many crimes caused by this technology piling up huge casualties. We should restrict the electromagnetic manipulation to recover a normal for the people.