5-39 [Awaji Island slayings] 10: The court should confront the electromagnetic wave capability

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Why did the court leave the contradiction on this Awaji murder case?


It is a matter of the responsibility that, if he heard voices inside his head, it was a strong proof that his brain was malfunctioned, which should have led to a conclusion that his responsibility was partly suspended, at least. The delusion did not create voices inside the head, which just meant he suffered more in the existing explanation and that was out of their consideration as five people were stabbed to be killed.


On the other hand, when the court admitted the electromagnetic manipulation, the responsibility cannot be suspended totally. As explained before, the brainwash did not exempt his responsibility as he could judge the right from the wrong, though it might lower his sentence from the death penalty.


There are two types of the voice used in the electromagnetic technology, one of which is an apparent voice, quite similar to the voice hearing from the outside through our ears. The other is more like an inner voice without clear sound characteristics.


At the same time, the electromagnetic operation cannot be conducted alone to other intelligence capabilities, but the operatives simultaneously employ other techniques. For example, they can send messages through the internet to deepen the brainwash, even when they can send them through the electromagnetic wave. The brainwash should be strengthened when the subjects are exposed to the multiple sources, even for the same messages.


Once the targets and attack plan are established in the subject’s head, the leftover is the last push to ignite the aggression. That is why there are full of aggression appeared on the murders manipulated by the electromagnetic operation.


If the subject suffers from the hallucination, it is impossible to create a plan and there is no responsibility on the felony. If it is the case for the brainwash, it is an issue how much the court admit the responsibility of the perpetrator.


Although, the crucial issue is not that. The court avoided mentioning the existence of the electromagnetic technology and preferred to take a contradicted verdict in this case. As a result, the operatives can walk free still without any legal obligations and they are still looking for other targets.