My encounter with the spy operations and struggle to escape

2-1 [Illegal sting operation]: The Japanese law enforcement run the illegal operation to hunt me down in HK

2-2 [Joint operation of HK police]: There were a pack of watchers

2-3 [Chinese spy in the game]: Chinese and Japanse intelligence collaborated to hunt me down

2-4 [One step to the extreme measure]: no one can be trusted

2-5 [Assassination]: I was shot

2-6 [Meeting with the CIA]: I was not to be saved

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2-7 [Water pouring]: The famous torturing interrogation technique of the Chinese police

2-8 [Drugged by the spy]: They used a tobacco to drug me

2-9 [Beeping day and night]: The beeping is irritating enough to deprive a sleep

2-10 [Assassination by carbon dioxide]: One of the best ways to covertly kill a subject with suffocation

2-11 [Frozen to death]: Ironic to die from cold in sub-tropical Hong Kong

2-12 [Bugs used as a torture]: Even the CIA admitted the torture sending bugs in the room

2-13 [Hacked electronics]: Many home electronics were controlled remotely

2-14 [Cyber attack]: Chinese intelligence cyberattacked after a small conflict with the Japanese partner

2-15 [Torture extended]: Japanese police managed to continue the investigation at any costs

2-16 [Killer hornet]: Chinese intelligence has raised a hornet to attack the subject

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2-17 [Opaque wiretapping]: They intimidated to show how capable they were

2-18 [Framing]: Tried hard to frame me as no crime originally

2-19 [Cordon in HK]: They got my bait, but my plan was unsuccessful

2-20 [Preparation for the sting operation]: Ceiling is broken for a setup of bugs and cameras

2-21 [Another operational prep]: Global intelligence community has covertly worked together for their sake

2-22 [Another noise]: Road construction continued a year for fifty yards

2-23 [Another wiretap attempt]: Chinese wanted to have a construction in my room, many times

2-24 [Fraud instigation]: Japanese police hired criminals to ask me of joining

2-25 [Solicitation case]: Probable instigation case, though not confirmed

2-26 [Spy meeting]: I noticed it spooky even though generally unnoticing the intelligence operation

2-27 [Helicopter encounter]: Not realized what it meant as I did not have an intel of myself

2-28-1 [Arson operation]: The most predated evidence of the Chinese intelligence involvement

2-28-2 [Arson operation]: Also a collaboration of the global intelligence community

2-29 [Derailed Chinese intelligence]: Chinese torture was unnecessarily executed

2-30 [Escape from the torture]: Decided back to Japan to avoid a further torture

2-31 [Grateful to a concern in HK]: Thanks for a mental support during my torture

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2-32 [Starting from noising in Tokyo]: Japanese police tried to hide their torturing capability at first

2-33 [Wiretapping by Japanese police]: Illegal wiretapping commonly practiced by the law enforcement

2-34 [Secret service deployment]: Police intelligence was revealed in charge

2-35 [Good cop and bad cop]: Good/Bad system works better than assumed

2-36 [Various harassments]: Nearly torture, though accustomed to the hardcore until then

2-37 [No other option but spy]: the intelligence leverages a job opportunity

2-38 [Endless framing]: cultivating every opportunity to frame me

2-39 [Leaving Tokyo]: The operation escalated to the next level

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2-40 [This is a war]: The Japanese police declared a war, but incomprehensible to me at that time

2-41 [Ex-police politician]: Various Japanese officers came to see me

2-42 [Secret service deployment]: Japanese police intelligence tried to disguise a nature of the operation

2-43 [Riot squad]: The police intelligence brought them to reveal a true nature of the operation

2-44 [Police crime]: I tried to confront the local chief, but failed

2-45 [Police chief at the scene]: Standing behind me without saying

2-46 [Police chief background]: A disposable non-elite director

2-47 [Corrupted intelligence]: Police intelligence was so corrupted and radicalized

2-48 [Catch me usually if they want]: Japanese police have several methodologies to arrest anyone if they want

2-49 [Arrest me by any means]: Japanese police was out of mind by any means

2-50 [Framing]: Several famous methodologies of police framing to create a criminal

2-51 [Rogue officers]: The police became more like a YAKUZA

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2-52 [Electromagnetic operation]: Covertly conducted by the CIA, Japanese intelligence and their assets

2-53 [For public security]: Japanese police eliminated many individuals out of their narrow common sense

2-54 [Creating an enemy]: Intelligence has manipulated their subject to murderer

2-55 [Enemy wanted]: Intelligence needs their enemies to fight against, even if self-created

2-56 [Authoritaritative oppression]: You should follow any orders including illegal to become an intelligence director

2-57-1 [Japanese intelligence politicization]: Ranking police officers were originally radicalized to the left during their 60s

2-57-2 [Japanese intelligence politicization]: Authoritarians left in the power

2-58 [Officers down]: Japanese police department was taken over by rogue officers

2-59 [Electromagnetic operation by covert team]: Japanese covert operation team was ruled by rogue officers

2-60 [Radicalization of police directors]: Political operations conducted to pursue their ideal

2-61 [Spy and extremist]: Some Japanese police ranking officers have been sympathizers of radical

2-62 [Japanese intelligence and North Korea]: They were connected through the left extremist

2-63-1 [Pachinko interest]: Shared interest of Japanese police and North Korea

2-63-2 [Pachinko interest]: What did the Japanese intelligence give to North Korea in return?

2-64 [Authoritarian left in the power]: Left radical sympathizers gone out of the police but issues still left

2-65 [Self-determination of spy]: Bureaucratization of the intelligence was too dangerous for us

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2-66 [Police trespassing]: Intrusion into my home at the very next day of my return

2-67 [Trespassing into the neighbor]: Police created an excuse to monitor

2-68 [A sudden death]: One of my neighbors likely murdered by the electromagnetic wave

2-69 [A wiretapping setup]: Police replaced an air conditioner with a bug

2-70 [Faked alarm]: False intel was delivered to the community for a gaslighting

2-71 [Bug operation]: Actual bugs are used to irritate my nerve

2-72 [Three infrared cameras]: Surveillance cameras were installed at three different premises

2-73 [Opaque tail]: Apparent tail is an intimidation, not an investigation

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2-74 [Outsourced PI’s surveillance]: Private investigators are well connected to the police system

2-75-1 [Crime infrastructure – PI network]: My personal information was breached by this network

2-75-2 [Crime infrastructure – PI network]: The network is still intact by the police support despite of many crimes found

2-76 [PI intimidation and harassment]: PIs were hired to attack me as a proxy of the police

2-77 [Mobilized street gang]: Mobs have intimidated me as a sub-contractor of the police

2-78 [Orchestrated media]: So wrong to support an oppressive authority

2-79 [Electromagnetic wave availed]: Not realizing its existence, but I recognized something weird was going on

2-80 [Hanging myself]: Dangerous behavior to the possible death

2-81 [My surroundings suffered]: Some suffered mentally due to their unethical deed

2-82 [Back to Asia]: Decided to leave Japan back to Asia for work

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2-83 [Financial crime investigation]: They originally knew I was not involved in any

2-84 [AIJ fraud case]: I was said to be involved in this big financial fraud case

2-85-1 [AIJ investigation]: The spy knew there was a crime before the financial investigator realized it

2-85-2 [AIJ investigation]: CIA and Japanese intelligence were definitely related to this issue beforehand

2-86-1 [Insider trading inspection]: Spy used my acquaintances to interrogate me

2-86-2 [Insider trading inspection]: Spy knew no illegal but tried hard to create a false confession

2-87 [No crime involvement but]: Spy spread a faked intel to include other investigative agencies

2-88-1 [Nomura’s case]: They were an easy target of the spy eventually to fire the CEO

2-88-2 [Nomura’s case]: Another hidden agenda to compel them to make a false crime against me

2-89-1 [CIA insider trading]: CIA has used insider information to frame a target

2-89-2 [CIA insider trading]: CIA asset abused their power to take a lucrative profit as they were immune

2-90-1 [Insider trading instigation]: CIA has a procedure to acquire the asset through leaking the insider information

2-90-2 [Insider trading instigation]: You can get away from the trap as far as keeping a legality

2-91 [Attorney’s illegal involvement]: The special unit unlawfully investigated me

2-92 [Attorney’s misconduct]: They have abused their authority to create a false crime

2-93 [Attorney’s last shot]: They raised a political scandal case to blackmail me

2-94 [End of financial investigation]: The suicide of Financial Minister halted all the inspection

2-95 [Electromagnetic operation to death]: The financial minister’ suicide was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave

2-96 [Financial investigative authority]: Several investigators worked for the case from different legal structures

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2-97 [CIA and financial crimes]: CIA operatives definitely gain personal profits from illegal transactions

2-98-1 [Spy immunity creates a crime]: CIA operatives were actually not arrested during 2012 industry-wide investigation

2-98-2 [Spy immunity creates a crime]: This immunity structure always motivates a crime in the end

2-99-1 [Spy investigation]: They have had a capability to investigate a financial case, as they have professional assets

2-99-2 [Spy investigation]: Foreign spies have protected their citizens from the inspection

2-100-1 [Suicide under investigation]: An individual related to the insider chain committed a suicide

2-100-2 [Suicide under investigation]: This person was related to the CIA asset network conducting illegal activities

2-101 [A sudden death]: One of my acquaintances had died, likely caused by the electromagnetic wave