2-9 [Beeping day and night]: The beeping is irritating enough to deprive a sleep

I had lived an extraordinary life under surveillance and tortures, which was escalated over time. The Chinese intelligence initially employed a water sound to deprive my sleep, but it was escalated to a beep sound. The water flush was still frequented but the beep was more efficient. They needed a preparation to sound the water pouring just above my bedroom, but it just required one device to beep.


The frequency of its beep was near to a mosquito sound, which was quite effective to stimulate my nerve. It was not so loud and kept almost the whole day. The drilling became harsh during the daytime, but the beep created another layer of the noises.


I also countered it with a noise cancel, but there was one apparent issue for that countermeasure. I needed to use it for the whole day as the beep sounded continuously, though the noise cancel created a white noise which was countered by the ear ringing. This ear noise was left a little even if stopping to use its function.


I cannot deny a possibility that the tinnitus was also generated by the device in the upper room, but in any way, I had my ear ringing even after ending its use. There was no issue using its function with a music, but there might be a problem with no sound.


Eventually, I suffered from it for almost all the day, which compelled me to reduce a time using its function. However, its reduction recurs a noise problem especially during the night, which deprived more time of my sleep. All these issues were mixed up to enhance my stress with endless noises.


At that time, there were more days when I did not smoke nor was not drugged, but still spending most of the time in the bed. I definitely needed a sleep as much as possible, so that waited on the bed when I got tired naturally to sleep. That life was not so different from the time when I was drugged by spies. Although, this lifestyle was the only option to keep myself sane and all I can do was to endure on the bed. My only goal was to survive day after day.


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