2-8 [Drugged by the spy]: They used a tobacco to drug me

In those days, I was frequently drugged. I could not remember when it started, but my life became out of ordinary from the middle of December 2011 and it was absolutely a few weeks ahead of the failed assassination.


It was mixed into the tobacco. There are several ways to drug the subject, though they chose it for my case and I became bad in condition when smoking. At first, I did not realize what was going on, but I was just awake several hours a day and then recognized something wrong. Thinking about its cause, I came to a conclusion that I went to bed faintly as soon as smoking.


The spies had used a drug against me for a long time, but at least I had spent that almost unconscious days for three weeks. It was hard to retrieve my memory at that time, but my life was like that before the assassination attempt and torturing, though there were several days in between I became totally sleepless due to the water sound.


Furthermore, I was also likely manipulated by the electromagnetic wave at the same time. I could not wake up but had a weird delusion all the time, which was well controlled externally. I noticed something wrong with the tobacco at least so that I changed a place to buy it or a brand to smoke, which provided me a temporal leeway, but I went back to unconscious days sooner or later. I tried many times to quit smoking thereafter and I could spend conscious days when not smoking.


Although, I came back to smoke several days after, which was a result of my weak will, but also I was likely manipulated by the radiowave. There is a methodology to increase a stress level by the wave, which recurs an obsession, in this case, smoking. However, in some time later, the drug was not frequently mixed into a tobacco. I could get away with the unconscious life for most of the time, but I was easily drugged when I got a trouble with spies or police officers. That was one of the ways for them to control my behavior.


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