2-15 [Torture extended]: Japanese police managed to continue the investigation at any costs

I assumed this torture should have ended sooner rather than later, as I did not commit any crimes. This optimism was a result of my misperception against the circumstance, though it was assumed to be natural for the Japanese law enforcement to halt the investigation once the innocence was proved.


My understanding at that time was that I was not involved with the crime they targeted and there was no reason to continue it. Although, as far as the Japanese authority kept a wrong operation, the Chinese had an excuse to conduct a torture. The key was when the Japanese police lift the request for the Chinese to run the joint operation against me, I rationalized in this way.


The truth was that the Japanese law enforcement was also involved in the torture and my naïve expectation was fundamentally wrong. After all, the Chinese intelligence has openly tortured the people to be contained and the Japanese police have covertly oppressed the people to deprive the freedom. There is no fundamental difference but just a difference of how it looks. The reality at that time was that they failed their instigation hence they needed to run the next operation to frame me for a false charge with coercing me to confess.


That new one came to the surface at the end of that year, 2011, when I was suspected to an accessary to the terrorist. This was likely the plan B, as they failed the instigation started from October to December with my decline to the perpetrators, and as their followed assassination attempt went wrong directly after.


I analyzed this terrorist-link operation was planned preemptively or not, and I concluded that this was the original plan B, but the go order was approved after their initial failure, as there was a few week time lag between them, which was the time I had survived from severe tortures with drugged by spies.


I realized there was another false accusation, but they would realize soon I had nothing to do with them with a small research. They had accused me of several days just to discredit me, but it was ended relatively soon as I had a friend who could prove I was innocent at the attorney prosecutor. I let them know who they needed to talk to and then the prosecutors were convinced I was totally unrelated.


The Japanese police did not research well that it was easily denounced and suddenly tried to disguise I was not involved in this case at all, because if I was involved, the truth was revealed that they knew where this terrorist had been for a long time. They had targeted me for a long time, which implied they knew his whereabout because I knew him but just did not realize he was a terrorist fugitive.


This false investigation was settled within two weeks, but I fully understood that the Japanese police had no intention to stop their misconduct. There was one issue at that time that I locked myself up in the room to avoid any assassination attempt until it was going to cease, but my food was becoming short and my physical was dwindling to endure the torture.


I cut my fingers during cooking on one of these days. I sliced out two of my fingers with nails, which were lost several millimeters from the edges, though I could not imagine going to hospital under this situation, as I was not sure how I was going to be poisoned. It was quite limited what I could do, just to stop bleeding and to sanitize them at every few hours for an avoidance of tetanus in the coming several days.


I had no reason why it occurred, which might be caused by my lack of concentration from the torture or might be electromagnetically controlled. In either way, my life was changed completely from then, as I should go out to eat with my incapable hand to cook.


I walked down the hill after several weeks of the lockup. Surprisingly, I did not fear that much of being murdered, but so concerned of my bandage as it became blooded without soon. Actually, I was bleeding and feeling too much pain, which deviated myself from the fear. In the end, I realized there was no imminent threat of the assassination and my fear became less and less every time when I went out.


I was pushed to go out due to an injury, but my mental became stable as a result. Although, the torture had been continued, which dimmed my future.