2-45 [Police chief at the scene]: Standing behind me without saying

I went to the local police headquarter but the police chief was not there as it was Saturday, hence I could not have stopped their torture and illegal conducts.


However, he was there in fact.


When spending half an hour there to settle the meeting, there was one man in the police uniform entering into the entrance hall. It was nearly an end of the negotiation, but an attitude of police officers was suddenly changed, and I realized that the ranking officer came to see me.


I had no idea who he was, but I confirmed him as a police chief later on, with checking his photo on the net. As I talked to my bugs in my house, he knew I was coming to the prefectural police headquarter to negotiate with him for a suspension of the torture.


Nevertheless, he avoided a direct contact and observed a progress from behind. The police believed the operation should have been ended up with my death or entrapment by their instigation, therefore they left many pieces of evidence of the operation against me.


This police chief came to this prefecture in March, which was actually after I decided to come back to Japan. It meant that the police had a second plan to drive me back home to conduct another operation, which was why he assumed this position.


Their initial plan forced me to accept a false charge, which did not work in Tokyo. Then, their plan B was to send me back home and to escalate the torture. It was convenient for the police department to conduct a torture outside Tokyo as the Tokyo metropolitan chief was ranked the second in their department, who was not disposable.


They were likely to use an electromagnetic manipulation to send me home, but I was not sure he knew its technology at that time. He was definitely in charge of the covert operation including the torture, but he might have not realized an existence of another covert team to conduct a radiowave manipulation.


Having said that, he was sent to this position by those who ran the covert operation. It was a middle of March when I had still harshly tortured by the Chinese intelligence in Hong Kong. This operation at my home was its extension and he was picked up as a man in charge.


There were absolutely many police ranking officers who would like to kill me and ran a covert operation even to assassinate me many times in the past. This police chief was apparently associated with them. The only thing I still do not know is how deeply he was involved with the electromagnetic operation.