5-29 [Guam multiple murders] 12: Voice is critical in the electromagnetic manipulation


This incident took place in Feb 2013 in Guam, which was plotted by the intelligence operatives to create a social unrest. This was highly likely conducted by the CIA agents who attacked me at the exact same time in Ishigaki Island of Okinawa. Having said that, they might avoid their direct responsibility claiming that it was executed by their rogue operatives.


It partly makes sense that the president of the United States or the newly assigned director of the CIA would not order an anti-society operation at that time. However, the whole orchestration was improbable with some organizational supports inside the agency and I believe they cannot get away from their responsibility in any way.


As previously written, the DC Navy yard shooting case was also one of their plots, implying that there have to be a bunch of criminal cases triggered by the electromagnetic wave. In the most of related murder cases, their plots were quite similar in terms of how the perpetrators were escalated to the final attack: the time frame, the voice, the emotional control and etc.


The voice is one of the essential parts of the electromagnetic manipulation as it has a capability to change our belief system inside the brain, while it is not necessarily the only source to change our ethical code. They can also send an invisible voice which is quite similar to the inner voice of ourselves. Spies can brainwash us through that voice as well.


Having said that, there is a big difference between the apparent voice and invisible voice as the former creates a doubt for some of the population, as it apparently sounds like the external. If we do not believe it is sent from the supernatural, there is a high risk that their covert operation might be blown up. On the other hand, if you believe the voice is sent from the great power, you can be easily brainwashed by their operation.


That is one of the reasons why the clear voice is a critical part of the electromagnetic wave manipulation to cause a disastrous outcome. There are more cases caused by the spy operation and we are still in danger of our lives unless this technology is made public and restricted totally accordingly. Until then, we can be harmed at any time directly or indirectly by the electromagnetic manipulation.