5-63 [Brainwash]: You can be brainwashed through the electromagnetic operation

red and multicolored figure
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

The electromagnetic capability has developed to manipulate the subject as a part of the clandestine operation. The spies can convince their targets hired as the asset through this technology or manipulate their subjects to conduct crimes, which is also one of the processes to acquire the assets.


Those are categorized as anti-personnel operation, while they can use the electromagnetic capability for their anti-society operation. They have deployed this capability to brainwash their subjects to commit felonies to cause social unrest, which has provided them with a chance to influence the targeted society directly.


They have created many deaths and we discussed some of the cases in the past. They are still conducting those fatal operations as there is no restriction at all. I have still been attacked by the spies with the electromagnetic wave manipulation, which is apparent proof that they would like to keep their capabilities for further manipulation.


The electromagnetic wave is invisible and still not understood by the general public, hence they have a free hand to brainwash their targets or even to kill many people as they want with an excuse of the greater good prevailing the minority casualties.


If this electromagnetic capability is legally restricted and if the possession and usage are categorized as a crime, the damage should shrink tremendously. That is the only way we have to go forward, but there is still no legal constraint by any governments, furthermore, there is no public disclosure how harmful this technology has been in this world.


As a result, we need to protect ourselves, when we are targeted by the spies with this electromagnetic capability. It is quite critical for us not to be brainwashed to commit felonies, as there is no way out once getting that point. I explained how to calm down our brains, physically with coolants, while we also need to understand how we are brainwashed, especially for committing murders.


This knowledge is quite crucial as we can raise our probability to get away from the manipulation. Analyzing the past cases, there are patterns for the brainwash, as they were conducted by the spies who highly likely share their protocols to achieve their goal efficiently. We need to understand and crack it.