3-210 [Creating a suicidal emotion]: It requires multiple steps of the electromagnetic operation

I have been obsessed with the suicidal emotion, which was especially harsh in the first two years moving to this place. In my case, this emotion is controlled totally by the electromagnetic operation so that I feel in this way many times in a short period of time.


Having said that, there is no chemical substance to enhance your suicidal emotion, which also means that there is no specific frequency to create the suicidal emotion, externally. This sense is composed by the multiple feelings, therefore the electromagnetic wave requires a complicated operation to create it.


The operatives are required to create a reason you would like to die for this specific operation. It is a despair that you would like to eliminate this feeling with a whole of yourself if you believe there is no way out of the current gloomy situation. This feeling can be escalated by the electromagnetic wave to make you feel a strong suicidal emotion.


In this case, it is necessary to have a subject of the despair, as the wave can just escalate the emotion. In my case, this despair was created by the lie that the operation should be over without soon.


They said so many times in my brain that the operation would be over at the specific date, which they continued to mention a hundred times a day, eventually creating a false belief that it would be over sooner rather than later.


Then, they betrayed this belief on that specific date and made me believe that the operation would continue forever, which concurrently created an anger and despair. If you are more angry than suicidal, you are not obsessed with the suicide but the aggression to others.


I was ruled by the despair which was an extension of the negative feeling including anxiety which was escalated by the electromagnetic wave to make me feel a strong suicidal emotion.


In my case, the core of suicidal emotion was created in this way, but it depends on each person. Generally speaking, this core is more likely the past event or the trap created by the intelligence operation. If you have conducted a crime or an unethical behavior, you would feel a despair and fear that it is known to the general public.


I was a little unique as there is no crime to be prosecuted, escaping from their many sting operations. They entrapped me with the false prosecution or tried hard to make me accept their written confession, but it did not work at all.


The CIA and Japanese police intelligence had realized no case to drive me to the edge so that they leverage a paranoia that the operation would be finalized sooner rather than later, to create the despair later on.


In the normal case, it won’t happen as the electromagnetic wave operation is covertly conducted, therefore the operatives try hard to find out a core of despair or create one of them. If there is no fundamental issue, there is no way to escalate the suicidal emotion.