85 [Brain reading]: This technology was used against the eminent Japanese politician starting from the late 2000s

Your thought can be read by the radar, but it is more advanced than sending a thought. These two ways are based on the theory of brainwave but their technology mix is not the same. The radar is employed to read your brainwave, which is transformed to the electromagnetic wave readable to the manipulator’s brain through a wire from the device. Its wave can be sent wirelessly as well.

On the other hand, the manipulator’s brain is connected to the device which extracts the brainwave with thought and it is sent to the subject wirelessly.

As you can see, the thought reading requires a radar, which is the main difference, although it is easier to transmit than an ultra-long wave, meaning there is less restriction for reading your brain than sending a thought to your brain.

Just in case, it is impossible to read a thought by burying a chip in your body. If it is put inside the brain, it can transmit a brainwave but it is necessary to drill your skull for that matter. It is impossible to conduct without your notice. If it is buried under the scalp, you can easily find out where it is. In either case, it requires a huge battery to send a brainwave feed continuously, which is quite impractical to the intelligence covert operation. It might work for the intentional communication to overcome those issues mentioned above.

When I began to notice that my thought was read, I realized one fact Ichiro Ozawa wore a flu mask occasionally. He used to be called as a Japanese kingmaker in 1990s and an important minor leader in 2000s. At first, I did not know why my thought was read and assumed my mouth movement had been analyzed. That is why I wore a flu mask initially and that should hold true to him, as he was said to wear it at a critical occasion for the political struggle. I double checked a fact and found that his flu mask became a focus after 2008, which was used to hide his thought.

This is a crucial information to understand how this thought reading had been deployed for a manipulation of Japanese politics. He actually chose a few prime ministers in early 1990s, though he started to worry that his thought was read in the late 2000s. If he had a sense his thought was read by others, he should have worn it at the much earlier time. That means a thought reading was introduced to Japan likely in the early 2000s, considering there was a test run beforehand.

This also indicates that the thought reading is a relatively new technology amongst the electromagnetic manipulation as the initial device was likely invented in 1970s. This technology has been continuously developed to create new intelligence methodologies.

The thought reading uses a different band of the electromagnetic wave to an ultra-long wave, hence it is easier to counter by jamming. Having said that, it is not easy for the ordinary people to counter this technology.

A good thing is that this is a new technology so that it is likely used just by the government intelligence, which is less likely used against the ordinary people. A bad thing is that this technology is used for a political conspiracy by them. In any way, it might be used for the general public, if not restricted as soon as possible.