4-89 [Sting ops for insider trading]: I avoided trading with an insider information, but there were many CIA assets gaining personal interest from it

The CIA had run an operation to instigate me an insider trading. There were several individuals who told me an insider information, some of those were CIA assets. Just in case, I did not trade any with that information as I was pretty much aware that it was categorized as a crime.


I have not confirmed all of them, but some of the assets have been already identified and I have a confidence that these were CIA antipersonnel operations. It had continued for a decade to invite me for the insider trading world.


There are CIA assets in the financial industry which is written in the US government public paper, which is not a secret but their identities are just classified. There are intelligence assets to monitor me sent from the CIA or other intelligence agencies and I can name more than a dozen of them.


Having said that, there is a possibility that some of them have not realized what they have done as a job, meaning they definitely knew I was a target but did not know my background why I was targeted originally by the spy.


This is a necessary protocol for the spy to hide the truth from the enemy when their cover was blown up. Especially, the intelligence asset was expendable under dark for the final goal of the operation, but just to be assigned for each plot.


On the other hand, those CIA assets who told me an insider information definitely knew that I was a subject of the sting operation. The spy can manipulate them to do so with an electromagnetic wave, but they should have realized I have been a target, even if ordered to spread it to many investors.


They tried it many times, but I did not fall any of traps and they changed a plan to isolate me from others to be hired as an intelligence asset. Then, they have run several operations to frame me for the financial fraud, though all of them were failed.


Their next step was to avail a failed insider trading cases that they had investigated it continuously for years to create a false confession with an electromagnetic wave manipulation.


However, those were also failed which eventually led to a revelation that the CIA assets have conducted numerous illegal trading, some of those were critical social problems for some countries. The intelligence community was wrong originally, though they have enhanced their tortures against me to hide all of those.