5-41 [Awaji Island slayings] 12: We have to restrict the electromagnetic technology

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

The electromagnetic technology is not still restricted and the intelligence organizations can deploy it as they want. There are lots of felonies caused by the perpetrators who have been brainwashed electromagnetically and there are many victims, indirectly harmed by this technology.


We should protect ourselves from their manipulation but there is one fundamental question; is it easy for us to avoid the brainwash through the electromagnetic wave? The answer is no. If the operation continues for several months, almost all of us are brainwashed to conduct a felony.


The brain is easily malfunctioned by the certain electromagnetic exposure and we cannot think clearly. Right or wrong, this recognition is buried into the long-term memory. The ethics are not simple rational answers. When the access to the long-term memory is shut down, our judgement is easily skewed.


Our rational decision is also collapsed when the electromagnetic wave disturbs our frontal lobe. The operatives send voices directly into our brain under this state, which establishes a wrong recognition, can be categorized as the delusion.


When our frontal lobe is disturbed, it is hard for us to control the emotion, which triggers aggressive misconduct. There is another way that the electromagnetic wave can control our emotion directly, i.e. to explode our aggression. The rationality usually controls it, though the explosion can appear as violence when the emotion surpasses the rationality in either way.


I am wondering it is really a state of the responsibility as it is quite hard to contain the wrong recognition and action under the electromagnetic manipulation. However, I am sure that this unavoidableness is hard to understand unless experienced. Additionally saying, we know what is categorized as the crime under this state, which is one of the conditions to determine the responsibility.


It became an issue at this Awaji case, even though they avoided to confront this contraction, concluding as a delusion created by the obsession or paranoia. Their determination left a critical problem behind that the intelligence operatives can walk free, even to cause multiple murder.


The only way out for us is to pursue the process written in this blog, to start from cooling your head, keeping enough sleep and etc. If not, we are burnt out within a few months, while electromagnetic technology has advanced day by day to put us in danger day by day. Our governments are still not courageous enough to confront this big problem, so that it is the only option left to protect ourselves.