2-74 [Outsourced PI’s surveillance]: Private investigators are well connected to the police system

The private investigator had watched me at that donuts shop for a long time, but I did not recognize him as such because he looked like a police officer. However, I had had a doubt as well, because he was too old to work in the field.


The tails have been much younger, partially because I have walked too much from the general perspective. Moreover, he looked older than the intelligence ranking officer, hence I could not specify who he was.


One day, he talked to someone with a phone, revealing one location, which was a critical information to tell he was a PI working at one specified agency. It is often the case that one word has revealed a true identity of the person, even if it is a lie.


The police officers have been well trained and not spoken any languages, even however I drove them to the edge when they investigated me under cover. When they have neared me to get a reaction, they just spoke prearranged words. On the other hand, it is necessary for me to behave in front of the uniform as I might be arrested for an obstruction if not. The tail has always shut their mouth even if they were revealed and confronted.


PIs’ behavior is totally different. I think they loved being a PI, hence not bothered much to be revealed. Furthermore, the police officer is trained how to play a role in the team, but PI freely changes their role at a moment.


After realizing their existence around me, I could spot them when enough attention toward the tail.


There are many PI’s offices run by the ex-police officer. In the past, the regulation was too loose about the personal information, hence any individual could have accessed to the police database if they had a close relationship with them. The ex-police PI was profiled in this category, which was why they establish many private investigation offices.


It might be partially true to the current environment or the police skill-set might work for the PI, and in any way, there were many ex police officers working as a private investigator. They looked quite like a police officer, as they used to be.


This relationship between the police and PI is not one direction and the police has used the PI for their sake. They actually have outsourced some of the police jobs to the PIs, especially when their conduct is categorized as an illegal. If they ask an unlawful investigation of trusted PIs, nothing won’t be revealed.


This system works quite well, as the police can deny any illegal activities and ignore any wrongdoings of PIs. This is practically an illegal action of the police organization, but there is no proof of this connection and no investigation. In this way, they can conduct any criminal act, theoretically.


That was why the monitor against me was partially outsourced to them. Although, it could not have been ended up with just a surveillance or tail. They have conducted numerous gaslighting and harassments, some of which has often escalated into an intimidation. These have been eventually under a command of the police department and assumed to be their crimes.


Although, it was still up to an intimidation, as I attracted too many eyes. They had failed many assassination attempts and it becomes not easy to kill me due to the public attention. The police can still ask a murder in this system, but now, they are quite hesitant as they are so worried about the repercussion after killing me.