2-39 [Leaving Tokyo]: The operation escalated to the next level

In May 2012, I left Tokyo back to my home. There has been no chance to talk to the ordinary people but spies since then. I had an opportunity, a few times later on, but they were basically coerced by the CIA, some of who were so spooky to talk to me. I felt very sorry for them.


I had not talked to almost anyone but my parents during my staying home, though there were many spies around, who communicated in an indirect way. It was a physical communication partially through the bugs, though they definitely employed the brain reading to capture my thought, which I did not realize at all.


I went back there to favor for my friends who were intimidated by the police intelligence, and also, the police investigation should come to end once every detail was checked out. It was just a matter of time that they should have realized their endless work was just futile to fulfill their egos.


The attorney prosecutors had almost given up until then. The attorney general was decided to be replaced in the coming July and the head of the special investigation division was decided to be gone at the same time. Their involvement in the investigation against me was unlawful, hence I was pretty much sure that their predecessors would not continue to collaborate with the police department.


The leftover was only the police, but I was optimistic that they should give up relatively soon, though it was a big misunderstanding that their illegal conducts were expanded to the level nothing to do with the investigation. They tried to behave in Tokyo, but they could only employ extreme measures at my home.


It was escalated later on, but it does not mean they suddenly evolved to conduct an illegal activity. The police intelligence has executed many assassinations and illegal operations originally and I have been one of their main targets for a long time. They held back an extreme measure when I was in Tokyo, as I attracted too many eyes to opaquely murder or torture me.


Although, there was no option left to them but to compel me a false confession or a criminal act, which required a tremendous oppression against me, physically and psychologically. Their fundamental goal was to render me harmless, which required escalating their measures from covertly to opaquely. I had not realized this reality yet and also had no idea how the Japanese intelligence and CIA conducted a criminal activity organizationally.