2-37 [No other option but spy]: the intelligence leverages a job opportunity

It is still uncertain how I had decided been to Tokyo, whether it was more driven by the electromagnetic wave or purely by my decision, but at least, my intention was to find a job in Tokyo. I just assumed the Japanese police would not interfere my job interview in Tokyo unlike in Hong Kong.


Although, it turned out to be just my optimism due to no understanding of the big picture of this operation. I met headhunters without soon when I came back to Japan and they were CIA officer and asset at the first meeting, American and Japanese.


This Japanese guy told me his career history, which sounded authentic. It is actually hard to tell a lie for this part, as it is easily revealed for a two-hour meeting. If that was true as I also thought so, his career was suitable for the CIA asset, not for the spy of the police intelligence.


Although, in those days, I assumed they belonged to the CIA and Japanese police intelligence for each. They just offered me jobs which I would never say yes as they were not what I wanted. There were two ways of takes, one of which was they could give a job as far as I obeyed them. The other was that they could find a reason to continue an “investigation” as far as my future was not settled. In either way, they would definitely control my being.


This continued investigation was critical to them as there was no crime I committed. The only they could do through this was to take a false confession, which required more time at least and the leader of their operational team knew this fact as I had been their subject for decades. They even tried to frame me at numerous time and failed all of them for the criminal activity.


That was why they conducted a torture against me to make a false confession, but it did not work so that they decided to control my career. The only option I had was to become their asset and to work for them, otherwise they would continue their investigation and torture.


All of their operation were unconstitutional in Japan, but they were so desperate to contain me and I totally understood that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence have had a tremendous power in Japan to decide the people’s life. It has been extremely wrong, but nothing won’t be changed as far as restraining their power in the end.


However, there should be some concrete reason why they have executed their power abusively against me. It is not just they have hated me, but there is something which they would like to hide and which I was highly involved with.