2-21 [Another operational prep]: Global intelligence community has covertly worked together for their sake

The fluid chemical tricked down as they renovated the upper room on the twenty fourth floor after the previous residents moved out. There was actually a moving before it was availed for the torture and surveillance operation. In my memory, there was a couple who had quarreled often since the middle of 2010, which was well heard to my room.


It is highly likely that this was one of the intelligence operation, though there are two possibilities, one of which is that they fought each other to disturb my life. The other is that they were induced to be divorced to clear the upper room, which was why they had quarreled quite often.


I could not overrule either of possibility as they were typical for the intelligence operation. If it were the former case, the spy had originally lived there before my moving to this place, which was considerable enough as I had been their subject for decades. On the other hand, it was not difficult to make them divorced especially when they were not framed by the spy operation.


In either way, there was one shared conclusion that their operation was under way even in 2010, which was linked to the sting operation at the end of 2011. I had been a subject of the intelligence organizations for decades, but they often suspended their operations when they failed, which was one of the reasons why I did not realize it. However, it also meant this streak of the intelligence operation did not start from that October 2011.


It was a start of the unofficial joint operation of the Japanese police and Chinese counterparts, but the covert joint operation led by the CIA began much earlier. That was why the upper room was open to the spy operation, well prepared by them as late as at the middle of 2010.


Furthermore, there were additional rooms for my surveillance from the opposite building. At least, I realized three rooms were used for its purpose, where they watched me through cameras. There was another room in the different building where there were several officers always sitting at the table, who looked like listening to my room. It was a residential apartment and I believed the Chinese intelligence intentionally showed off how capable they were to intimidate me.


This fact was one of the proof that the Chinse spy had watched me for a long time seriously, and if not, they could not prepare well like this when I realized what was going on.


At the same time, this indicated they had collaborated for a long time at least against me. There were several assassination attempts and tactics to compel me working for them, some of which were conducted by the CIA. It meant the intelligence community got an independence from any governments to conduct their joint operation just for their sake. I was one of their target, which proved their self-determination was quite dangerous to the world.