2-7 [Water pouring]: The famous torturing interrogation technique of the Chinese police

The threat was elevated to a torture after spies failed the assassination. From that night, a sound of water pouring started continuously.


I knew the Chinese police had employed this methodology for the torturing interrogation. When the interrogatees have been hearing the sound of water pouring for days, they become sleepless ended up with accepting a confession or psycho break. There were two ways of this sound, one of which is a water drop from the tap and the other is nearly a flush of the toilet but it continued endlessly.


On that day, I thought the sound should have ceased sooner or later, but it was kept running until the next morning. Furthermore, it had been continued tirelessly for months since then.


The Japanese police regarded me as an enemy, the CIA just watched how it proceeded and the Chinese intelligence was mad at me. That was my recognition in those days, which was also a manipulation of their joint operations. In a sense, what I saw was partially correct, but partially wrong as I did not realize what was really behind the scene. There was no way to stop this escalation of torture, but I could not recognize the big picture.


Adding to the water sound, the wind hit my face, which also disturbed my nerve. It was flown from somewhere in the room, but I had no idea how they specified my location and how they blew it to me. I assumed the monitoring camera was set up on the broken light in the middle of ceiling, which was also buried there easily connected to the upper room, where the sounds came from. There was no doubt that the upper room was used for the Chinese intelligence for the operation against me.


The environment was harsh, but I was pretty much sure that I should sleep in one way or other. The next assassination attempt might be soon, but at least I needed a sleep to keep myself sane. Even if the CIA did not help me out, even if the Japanese police ignored their duties, I should avoid a self-destruction as long as I can. The first step was to take enough sleep, but it was quite hard not just under the torture, but also with a despair.


I was a little frustrated early in the next morning for my sleepless, as the road construction started again within a few hours, which made me much harder to sleep. Although, if I threw up every effort, I should have died after a psycho break.


Eventually, I decided to use a Walkman which had a function of the noise cancel. I used it with no music, just a silence, to secure from any outside noises. It worked but not perfectly so that I covered my ears with a duct tape over and over, also to fixate the earphone. It looked silly but reduced a sound tremendously, which created a chance for the sleep.


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