2-6 [Meeting with the CIA]: I was not to be saved

After all, there was no more assassination on that day. I understand now it is not easy to stage an assassination almost like accident, hence they cannot try another soon once it is failed. They needed more time for the next preparation at that time as well, but I noticed its reality further later on.


At that time, I was middle of the way and felt danger either going to the destination or back home. I originally thought something would happen so that I proceeded my plan to meet the CIA and nothing happened more eventually.


The meeting was meant to talk to the operatives, but it was covered as a job interview. I met a few of them, one of who was so perplexed to explain his job as he did not understand why I was there, but others were not concerned of it. They tried hard to know why I lived in Hong Kong. At the same time, the meeting was teleconferenced and they let me know lots of people were at the other side of the line.


I tried my best to explain my situation, but there was no change at all. As far as letting them know that I was not a spy and not a criminal, they can escort me out of Hong Kong, but it would not happen. I waited for hours at the meeting place, but there was no change that I was not helped.


As a matter of fact, the CIA ran a joint operation to frame me including that assassination attempt. Although, this joint was not necessarily shared by all the operatives so that some should have believed I was dangerous and other believed the operation out there was not acceptable to their consciousness. However, the rogue team definitely had a loud voice to frame me as they just failed their assassination of the joint operation. In this circumstance, there was no way I would be saved, but I had not realized the operational background.


Eventually, there was no option left to me that I should go back to my apartment. I fully realized there was no reason why I was targeted but its reality did not matter anymore after the actual murder attempt against me.


I thought I was going to die sooner or later on my way back home. There were lots of people walking around me, some of those looked like assassins, even though they were actually not. I was so devastated but there was no other option than just going back home quietly, but I was not killed nor assaulted as well on the way back.


I could not imagine how the life became. There was no vision for my survival, but I had no idea what I should do. When going back to Japan, I thought I would be a target of the Yakuza associates and it did not sound like an option to take. In those days, I did not realize the fact that the Japanese police was involved in the joint murder operation or even at a sting operation to frame me. The police actually caught one of the criminals for a mastermind of the fraud and I thought they retaliated me as my decline leading him into a custody.


My decision was to stay there until all the investigation was over to clear my name eventually and to endure any operations as far as I could.


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