2-5 [Assassination]: I was shot

In those days, I stayed tight at my apartment due to the watch and threat from the Chinese intelligence, but I finally decided to go out for the CIA meeting.


There was an old guy who I saw often in the previous one year. He was always smiling and looked like enjoying a life of the retired but turned completely different on that day. He wore a black suit and stood there with a decisive face, and then, I realized he was a boss in charge of the intelligence operation against me. That was one of the reasons why I frequently spotted him in the garage, though I had not realized his true identity for a long time. He limped with his right leg, which might be a result of the cultural revolution, I thought.


However, I had no clue what he determined, which I was wondering on my way to the meeting. That afternoon, I took the usual path with a narrow street where there were a pack of cars with a traffic jam. There was a black limo in the line intriguing my eyes and I glanced inside to realize that boss sat on the back seat.


Walking down the hill street, I noticed a truck was stuck in the next crossing. It was a one-way road, too narrow to turn around, which was why there were lots of honking while my passing.


I reached to the crossing and turned right toward the city center. The walking path was actually elevated from the next car lane due to the middle of hill and I could overlook the stalled truck.


At this moment, the truck suddenly started to move and created a big sound of the explosion. I was so tired of being abused and pressurized by the Chinese intelligence that I just walked with my head downward. That was partially the reason why I noticed something flying toward me after the explosion. It was a sharp-ended metal stick which was fired from its explosion toward me.


It was projected so exactly to pierce my head. I rose it reflectively but still on its trajectory and swayed back a little more to avoid. Eventually, it went through 2 inches ahead of my eyes. I clearly pictured its sharp-ended object and followed through until it hit to a shop next to me.


I looked back where it was fired and realized there was a device in front of the truck tire, which launched it when the truck started to move. It was apparently not an accident so that I raised my head to glance a driver who was so upset to fail to assassinate me.


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